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Why Hire Rita

  • One of the best evaluations Meeting Planners give to Rita is that they often invite her back to present more programs for their people.

For the second time in 9 months you have addressed our organization, and no doubt our group is more productive and creative as the result of your insights.
R. Brown, President, Banner Personnel Service, Inc.

  • Everyone in the audience loves to hear how Rita’s customized presentations address their needs and concerns.

It is a pleasure to have a speaker take the time to research her audience & gear her talk specifically to the group.
E. Nap, Wisconsin Gas Company

  • Meeting Planners like to work with speakers who are helpful and cooperative.

You’ve been a pleasure to work with! So thorough from the first contact I made with you, always following up on phone calls & letters and taking care of every possible detail.
...Your words of wisdom are being quoted among staff, even 3 weeks later. ...I can see culture change happening here and you have played a part in it.

B. Fox, Black Hawk College, East Moline, IL

  • Meeting Planners love Rita’s High Content / High Fun style.

Informative, fun and filled with real-life, down to earth strategies for tackling life problems. So glad we've already scheduled you for next year.
K.Messer, Life Service Network of Illinois

  • Participants don’t want to leave simply feeling good, they want to learn skills they can use right NOW to start solving their problems.

Enthusiastic! Several of us have already taken action on conquering procrastination.
L.L. Morabito, Qantas Airways Limited

  • A program is best received when everyone in the audience can relate to the speaker.

The workshop is attended by all support staff - transportation, food service, maintenance, and instructional support. You were able to reach this diverse group of people with professionalism and humor. The morning passed in a flash! Outstanding!
J. Duller, Leyden High Schools, Franklin Park, IL

  • Participants often consider Rita’s presentation to be the most important part of the meeting.

The account executives rated you as the highlight of their daylong meeting. Your presentation was truly a value and valuable!
N. Gilpin, Nicor

  • Meeting Planners love hearing their people urge co-workers to rush to hear Rita’s next presentation.

Everyone is raving about your workshops and encouraging others to attend your offerings we've scheduled in future months.
P. Murphy, ESRD Network 13, Oklahoma City, OK

  • Meeting Planners love it when the evaluations show top ratings

Wow! Did you make an impact! The response to your presentation earned the highest rating of any speaker that we've had in our district in the nineteen years I have been here.
D. Abhalter, Western Springs Public Schools

  • One evaluation audience members love to give is that the time flew by for them.

First presentation I was at that I never once felt the need to check the time on my watch!
Participant Evaluation at Ameritech Seminar

  • Equally important, audience members want valuable information delivered in an entertaining and enjoyable manner.

Your humor & storytelling were excellent vehicles for getting a serious message out.
A. Whaley, Innovation Ink

  • People are delighted when they receive from Rita helpful skills for both the home and workplace.

Outstanding! Insightful! What a tremendous amount of "take away" content to use in our professional and personal lives.
M. Hawley, The Talbott Hotel

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