The Anticrastination Tip Sheet Archive


January - A Day To Celebrate Clutter-Busting Your Paper

February - Enerygy Boosters

March - Lazy, Hazy Brain

April - Two Simple Life-Changing Tips

May - Let It Go!

June - Are You an "I Wanna' Do It All" Procrastinator?

July - Are You A Hypocrite?

August - In Praise of Wastebaskets


January - This is the Year!

February - The Perils of Perfection

March - The Dumbness of Numbness

April - Clutter

May - Results of Using Clutter Tips

June - Perfectionism - A Major Cause of Stress

July - Enough is Enough is Enough

August -

September - Are You an "I Wanna' Do It All"Procrastinator?

October - Difficult Decisions; Difficult Conversations

November - Survival Tips For Crazy-Busy Times

December - There's So Much To Do --- I Can't Do It All!


January - Increasing Joy in Your Life

February - Clutter-Busting Rules to Help Make Emails Manageable

March - Let Go of Incoming Clutter

April - Battling Time Vampires

May - Make One Decision Today to Start De-Cluttering

June - If You Feel Driven to do Something  – Start a Business, Write a Book, Travel - But You Don't Know Where to Start, Begin With the Decision: YES, You Will Do It

July - Decide to Make Time For What is Important To Us

August - Clutter-Busting Tips, Energy and A Book

September - To Be Stressed Or Not To Be

October - True Time Management

November - Holiday Survival Skills

December - Simple Tips to Beat Procrastination for the Holidays


January - "Success breeds success"

February - "Beat Procrastination Now" - Free Online Course

March - Let it Go! Let it Go! Let it Go!

April - Why Do You Resist Getting Rid of Your Clutter?

May - Let's explore a few thoughts on PLANS.

June - Never Stop Learning In Life

July - Decisions

August - It's Summertime, Cluttertime, Sum - Sum - Clutter Time

September - Clutter-Busting Closets

October - A Place for Everything and Everything in its Place

November - Clutter-Busting: “Stop the work earlier than you might”, BEFORE you are too tired

December - Reduce Stress and Exhaustion That Often Hits This Time of Year


January - Bucket Lists

February - When You Procrastinate About Stress Busting

March - Are You Putting off Your Dreams? (Part 1)

April - Are You Putting off Your Dreams? (Part 2)

May - Emmett's List of miserable, mealy-mouthed myths of clutter

June - It's springtime. Time to clutter-bust.

July - Procrastination and Decisions and Regrets ... Oh My!

August - Done is better than perfect

September - "Being overwhelmed" is a HUGE contributor to the whole Putting-Off-habit.

October - Random Clutter Tips

November - Rules For Membership In "The Burn-Out Club"

December - Random Clutter Tips


January - Decrease Your Clutter This Year

February - 12 Loving Gestures (That Aren’t Even Romantic)

March - Managing Stress

April - Care for the Caregiver

May - 3 Simple Steps To Clutter Busting

June - When You Live With A Procrastinator

July - When Is A Good Deal Not A Good Deal?

August - Do You Need a Dorothy?

September - Energy Boosters

October - Beyond Clutter -- Streamlining Your Life

November - System For Packing

December - Thoughts From a Ditch


January - Perfectionism is NOT a Quest For The Best

February - Rejection, Dejection and Authors -- Oh My!

March - Contest Winners - Part I

April - Contest Winners - Part II

May - A Secret To Help You Stop Putting Off Stuff You Hate To Do

June - Procrastination is a Game

July - Hypocritical Procrastination

August - Drifting Along

September - Paper Clutter

October -  Paper Clutter - Tips Authored Entirely by Our Perceptive Readers

November - More Paper Clutter Tips

December - Top Ten Things People Put Off At Holiday Time


January - Happy New Year

February - Getting Rid of High Tech, High Cost Clutter

March -  Think of the Job Differently

April - Happy Spring (Cleaning) Time

May - Help Children Become Clutter-Busters

June - A Legacy of Stuff (Part 1)

July - A Legacy of Stuff (Part 2)

August - A Legacy of Stuff (Part 3)

September - A Legacy of Stuff (Part 4)

October - Tackling Photo Clutter

November - Organizing Digital Pictures

December - Scanning Pictures


January - Let’s make 2010 the year of the Stepping Stones

February - Procrastinator's Creed

March - Clutter Courage

April - When Your Goal is Anything That's What You Get

May - Do You Know The Word "Remainder"?

June - How Do I Motivate Myself To Do Something I Hate To Do?

July - Get Serious About Reducing Your Stress Level

August - 10 Tips to Have Less Clutter at Home

September - Publish an Ebook Today Using Amazon's Kindle

October - One Of The Best Recycling Lists You'll Ever Get

November - Manage Your Time To Reduce Your Stress

December - Your Ultimate Gift Shopping Guide (to conquer procrastination)


January - Manage Your Time to Reduce Your Stress

February - 12 Energy Boosters

March - Let's Not Procrastinate In Charitable Giving

April - 10 Tips To Start Getting Organized

May - It's SPRING. I'm Irish. It's Poetry Season.

June - Feeling overwhelmed?

July - Will You Leave a Legacy of Clutter?

August - When Other People's Stuff Becomes Your Clutter

September - Thoughts From Our Readers

October - When You Live With a Packrat

November - Sometimes You Just Do It Scared

December - 21 Tips To Keep The Holidays From Leaving You Over-worked, Over-scheduled and Overwhelmed


January - Reviewing Achievements Instead of Setting Goals

February - Doin' The Clutter Shuffle

March - When the Email File System Becomes Email Chaos

April - Halleluiah! It's springtime

May - Cell Phones for Soldiers

June - Manage Your Time To Reduce Your Stress

July - When Gifts Become Clutter

August - When Others Are The Clutter Culprits

September - Who Is The Saboteur Of Your Goals?

October - Boundaries And Your Stuff

November - Holidays - The Anticrastination Way

December - 7 Tips to Help You Ease Your Stress and Get Ready For The Holidays


January - Let's make this the year of Clutter Busting!

February - What The World Needs Now Is Love Sweet Love

March -  Nine Tips to Ease the Frantic, Frazzled Pain of Doing Your Income Tax

April - a good deed, a recipe, "the secret" and questions

May - Eight Great Steps to Vaporize Your Clutter

June - 3 Simple Steps to Clutter Busting

July - Fear is a Big Contributor to Procrastination

August - It's Summertime, Cluttertime, Sum - Sum - Clutter Time

September - Are You A Low-Tech Person In A High-Tech World?

October - Some Fears That Might Cause You To Procrastinate

November - Thirteen Energy Boosters

December - Top Ten Things People Put Off At Holiday Time


January - Do you put off taking care of yourself and taking care of what you need?

February - Feed Your Wastebasket

March - The Power of Connections

April - Creating Community In Our Lives

May - Spring Time Clutter Busting

June - Cruisin'

July - The Power of Rewards

August -  Tips To Help College Students Conquer Clutter

September - Advice For Handling Others Who Procrastinate

October - Emmett's Law of Goal Setting

November - The Saga Of A Low-Tech Woman in a High-Tech World

December - 19 Holiday Tips


January - Tomorrow I've Got To Get Organized

February - Self-Care: The Antidote For Burnout

March - Saving everything whether you need it or not.

April - Deadly Sins of Clutter

May - Announcing: The Clutter-Busting Handbook

June - Our clutter comes from four goofy habits

July - The Conquer Clutter Series

August - Help Kids Break the Procrastination Habit

September - New Orleans - One Person's Story

October - One Person's Clutter is Another Person's Treasure

November - Want to start off 2006 with less clutter?

December - 19 Tips To Keep The Holidays From Leaving You Over-worked, Over-scheduled and Overwhelmed


January - Seven Tips to Keep your "New Year's Life-Changes"

February - Collecting Clutter Stories

March - There must be Fifty Ways to Leave Your Clutter

April - A Million Ways To Leave Your Clutter

May - Are You an "I Wanna' Do It All" Procrastinator?

June - Are You a S.A.N.E. Procrastinator?

July - Are you a Hypocrite?

August - Clutter Facts

September - Happy September

October - Procrastinating Children Aren't Lazy

November - Emmett's Law: The Dread of Doing a Job Uses Up More Time and Energy Than Doing the Job Itself

December - Four Simple Tips to Beat Holiday Procrastination


January - Let's Kick Off 2003 On a Positive, Productive Note

February - People Who Procrastinate In Being Kind To Themselves Often Become Burn-Outs

March - Leaving a Legacy

April - Spring Cleaning That Paper Clutter

June - Stop Putting Off Time For Joy In Your Life

July - Creativity Stoppers

August - A Clutter Safari

September - Deep Thoughts On The WHEREs - HOWs - WHYs Of Accumulating Clutter

October - Stealth Clutter Part 1

November - Stealth Clutter Part 2

December - You can conquer clutter in your life


February - 12 Loving Gestures (that aren't even romantic)

March - 12 Quick & Easy Ways to Add Fun to Your Life

April - 12 Tips to Have Less Chaos at Home

May - Tips to Reduce Clutter

June - Eleven Tips to Conquer Paper Clutter

July - The Creation of a Nation & Your Creativity

August - 21 Ways You Can Squeeze In Some Last Minute Summer Fun

September - 16 Ideas to Help You Think of Some New Project or Activity You Can Begin This Month

October - Some Fears That Might Cause You To Procrastinate

November - How Does It Feel When That Brand New Book Arrives?

December - There's So Much To Do --- I Can't Do It All



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