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Tips for Meeting Planners Who Want to Secure a Sponsor

  1. Contact people who you do business with. (purchase office supplies, computer services, banks, caterers, restaurants, local politicians) You have been a good customer to them, and they might value your loyalty and continued business, and offer to support this endeavor.

  2. Ask to speak to the Sales Manager.

  3. Point out how much it would cost to advertise, and the money they would save by sponsoring a speaker. Look at all the people reached by their sponsorship.

  4. They need to know “what’s in it for me?” As a speaker, I can offer:
  • to include their name in my introduction
  • to include their name and company logo on all my handouts
  • to mention them during my talk
  • to thank them at the close of my talk
  • if they have an exhibit booth, attendees can buy my books from someone at the back of the room, and I will sit at the sponsor’s booth ready to autograph their books
  • I can incorporate their giveaways in my talk (give out key chains to anyone answering a question, give a bigger item to someone who volunteers to do something)
  1. As the meeting planner, you can offer:
  • an opportunity to give a 3 – 5 minute speech about their services and support for the community before or after my talk
  • a free booth if you have an exhibit area
  • a mention in your press releases if you are sending out any
  • to include their name in all your promotional flyers and other materials
  • and invitation to that person (and maybe some or all of their employees) to attend my talk free of charge
  1. We can take my photo speaking in front of the group, or with someone from the sponsor’s company, or in front of something showing the location of the conference or presentation.
  • then write a few paragraphs about how “Such & Such Company” sponsored this particular talk which (then list benefits – taught people how to stop procrastinating, helped people prevent burn-out)
  • they can send to their marketing / publicity department (which in turn will send to newspapers)

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