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Comments from Senior Programs & Healthcare Professionals

Raves for Rita
--Senior Programs & Healthcare Professionals

Informative, fun and filled with real-life, down to earth strategies for tackling life problems. So glad weíve already scheduled you for next year.
K.Messer, Life Service Network of Illinois

Rita was the best Iíve ever heard!
Participant at Illinois Hospital & HealthSystems Association Conference

The evaluations for both your programs were 100% 5ís on a scale of 1-5 with 5 being excellent.
E. Dralle, St. Anthonyís Health Center, Alton, IL

Wonderful! We knew our families need to hear your information. What I hadnít anticipated, was the benefits your talk would have on the staff!
L. Storto, Bethany Terrace Nursing Centre

Wonderful ideas at our Management Retreat. Iíd highly recommend your to anyone.
G. Parker, Altenheim Home

We had so much fun we were unaware that we were learning so much.
Participant in LSN Annual Conference

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