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Check List For Meeting Day And Post-Meeting

Meeting Day

  • Appoint staff to greet speakers as they arrive
  • Appoint staff to greet any visitors, VIPs, press members
  • Appoint someone to introduce the speaker
  • Place direction signs and large posters outside rooms
  • Place direction signs in outside (if needed)
  • Set up a registration table one hour before attendees are to arrive
  • Appoint clean-up committee
  • Welcome attendees
  • Distribute name badges, final agendas and materials
  • Check audiovisual equipment before presentation begins
  • Distribute giveaways, handouts
  • Confirm timing for meals, breaks
  • Plan post-meeting follow-ups with your staff and facility staff


  • Document meeting notes, prices, vendors and suggestions for future meetings
  • Review and process meeting evaluations
  • Make copies to include in your notes for future meetings
  • Reconcile finances
  • Ensure all costs have been covered: food, printing, etc.
  • Complete payment for site, speakers and other services
  • Do a post-budget performance review
  • Finalize budget report, including actual costs and revenues
  • Prepare invoices for sponsors and unpaid attendees
  • Pack and inventory materials
  • Ship leftover materials back to office
  • Send “thank you” notes to speakers and presenters
  • Send “thank you” notes to your contact at facility and to staff who went above and beyond to ensure success of meeting
  • Send “thank you” notes to VIPs (where appropriate)
  • Print final registration list including onsite registration
  • Request a sleeping room pickup summary from hotel