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Comments from Financial Professionals

Rita Emmett is right on the money  
--Financial & Insurance Professionals

Your presentation had just the right amount of humor and wit to make it fun, along with educational content to make it thought provoking and valuable.
R. Jackway, Lincoln Financial Advisors

Thanks to you, we accomplished our goals at our executive training program.
M. Brown, Illinois Department of Insurance

Attendees had nothing but compliments for your program, and wished there was time for a longer presentation.
P. Kulick, LaSalle Bank

This group is tough on evaluations; they have high standards and youíll see they gave you outstanding marks in every category.
M. Bender, Michigan Municipal Treasurers Assoc.

Entertaining and well accepted by everyone. Meaningful and practical concepts that we could use on the job and in our personal lives.
J. Kartsounes, Alliance of American Insurers

Informative and entertaining!
R. Corbin, United Amer. Insurance Center, Inc.

FANTASTIC!! OUTRAGEOUS!! and EFFECTIVE!! Your sessions provided a much-needed vehicle for all of us to improve our ďway of lifeĒ around here. Looking forward to future sessions and the continued positive impact you have on our staff.
R. Palumbo, President, DuPage Credit Union

Your message was just what we were looking for!
J. Schwade-Frank, Northwestern Mutual Life

I laughed, I cried, I learned.
E. Rook, American Payroll Association, Chicago

Your relaxed style, sense of humor & everyday anecdotes added to the memorability of your important message.
J. Ulrich, Meadows Credit Union

The feedback is you certainly made a positive impact on our thought process.
R. Mulvey, MetLife

Excellent presentations, well received and of value!
J. VanZandt, Illinois Lottery

Risk Management is a very stressful job and your insights and observations as to how our members can find ways to effectively reduce that stress were right on target.
M. St. John, , Menomonee Falls, WI

More than excellent!
Evaluation from IFLUA Conference

As I was walking around the days following your sessions and overhearing staff conversations, it was quite evident that the information you presented made a definite impact on them. 
R. Palumbo, President, DuPage Credit Union

I canít remember any other speaker who took so much time to get to know the audience before a presentation.
R. Jackway, Lincoln Financial Advisors

Itís not often that our speakers are as successful in achieving audience participation and positive feedback as you are. 
R. Corbin, United Amer. Insurance Center, Inc.

Thorough, practical and relevant!
J. Ulrich, Meadows Credit Union

Please invite her back soon! A perfect way to end the conference.
Participant, Michigan Municipal Treasurers Assoc.

I am thrilled to say your presentation accomplished my goal. Iím still hearing numerous discussions of goals that have been set & enthusiasm for their accomplishment.
J. Kartsounes, Alliance of American Insurers

Heard only positive remarks about your training. That is quite an accomplishment!
M. Brown, Illinois Department of Insurance

We all left feeling revitalized. Thatís quite a job to do in the short time that we gave you.
P. Kulick, LaSalle Bank Illinois

Outstanding! Bring her back.
Evaluation from seminar, Northwestern Mutual Life

The only negative comment was they wished you could speak longer! People left the seminar with tools for change and smiles on their faces.
K. DiVerde, Accenture

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