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Av Requirements

  1. Projector and computer to run Power Point (and someone to set it up)

    * if this is not possible, or causes difficulty or inconvenience, Rita will be happy to work with an overhead projector. But Please give her ADVANCE NOTICE. (If you wait to tell her till she arrives for her presentation, she might not have the overheads with her.)
  2. Microphone - prefer cordless clip-on (if not possible, please let me know as I need my hands free to use the overheads. If its a hand-held microphone, Ill omit some of the overheads).

  3. Podium (lectern) - I keep my notes here, but I dont stay behind it. I tend to wander around the stage and into the audience.

  4. Table -- I use props and stuff

  5. Two glasses of water; no ice. (If half-day or all-day seminar, Id love a pitcher of water.

  6. If half-day or all-day seminar, Ill probably need a flip chart or white board. (prefer flip chart)

  7. Approximately one month prior to the program, I will mail you the masters of the handouts for you to copy and make packets for each attendee. If any problem with this, let me know.

  8. Do you want me to make books available for sale?

  9. Do you want me to sign the books?


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