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Raves for Rita from Admin Professionals

We had a new woman transfer into our department a few weeks prior to your presentation. She was very negative and quite short with people. She wasn’t very excited about the conference but did attend. I don’t know what you said that made an impact, but her attitude has totally changed - she now laughs, has become a part of the office and is much more enjoyable in the office. As a matter of fact, she has even quoted you a few times in conversations. Thanks for your message – you do really make an impact on people.
T. Marquardt, U. of Wisconsin Office Professional Conference - Green Bay

The evaluations from your remarks were all extremely positive. Your topic could not have been more appropriate for this group of educational support staff!
G. Kanelos, IACRO Northeast District

The workshop is attended by all support staff - transportation, food service, maintenance, and instructional support. You were able to reach this diverse group of people with professionalism and humor. The morning passed in a flash! Outstanding!
J. Duller, Leyden High Schools, Franklin Park, IL

Great job! Rita was right on target with what the support staff needed.
Participant in Support Staff Development Day at Elgin Community College

Wonderful! Entertaining and thoroughly pertinent! Well worth the entire day away from the office. Bravo!
Participant in Secretary Appreciation Seminar at Highland Community College

Her topic related directly to my position and how I could better manage the added stress our growing school environment is creating.
Support staff member evaluation, Stevenson High School

There were several of us that felt this presentation would be boring, but what a great surprise Rita was! She was so full of energy (and so early!) and very funny – especially at helping us see ourselves with humor but also honesty.
Evaluation from participant in Support Staff Seminar, Stevenson High School

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