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Proposal For A Fund-raiser To Empower Success in Children

Why use this book as a fund-raiser?
A Handbook for Adults to Help Children Stop Putting Things Off

(Walker & Co., NY; $10.95; 173 pages)

Because it:

  • doesn’t need to be refrigerated or frozen; doesn’t melt or cause cavities.

  • generates a good profit ($4.50 to $5.50 profit per each $10.95 book sold).

  • helps children stop procrastinating & achieve their goals, cuts down on family arguments which eases stress & improves communications, harmony & quality of life.

  • helps parents develop an attitude of getting involved & teaches them how to work with their children.

  • gives teachers ideas, systems, strategies & techniques to help children stop procrastinating, improve grades and enhance learning.

  • enables teachers to spend their time & energy doing what they want to do – teach.

  • helps children (as they blast away their procrastination) experience enormous improvement in their self-esteem, self confidence, self worth and self image, resulting in happier, healthier, more cooperative children. Research shows that children with healthy self-esteem are less likely to choose a path of trouble, crime and drugs.

  • moves parents to view your school as a positive, supportive partner helping them with their children. Your school will become a hero to parents who are tearing out their hair & don’t know what to do with a child who constantly procrastinates.

The child wins, parents win, teachers win, the school wins, and everyone who hears about this promotion loves your school and thinks of you as a hero in the community who truly helps families.

Rita Emmett



Mastering The Art Of Doing It Now was published in the US in Autumn of 2000. So far, it has:

  • sold 100,000+ copies.

  • been featured in over 92 newspaper, radio and TV interviews, including The Today Show with Katie Couric, as well as Family Circle, The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, The Financial Times and Christian Science Monitor.

  • been sold in over 26 countries, and selected for the Book of the Month Club.

  • named the top selling non-fiction e-book of 2001 by Digital Palm Media. 
    (Stephen King was the top selling fiction e-book of the year.)

Children Stop Putting Things Off
is now available in a bookstore near you. Before it was even released, it had already been sold in Canada, Japan, France, the United Kingdom, Korea and China plus it was featured in TIME magazine.

The retail price ($10.95) is within the reach of most families and the book guides adults in a step-by-step system for teaching children of all ages to stop putting things off.

For 18 years, Rita presented seminars on “Blast Away Procrastination” and “Improve Parenting Skills” at a counseling agency and two Illinois colleges. She also co-authored THE FAMILY COMMUNICATIONS HANDBOOK, which has been used in classrooms in both colleges and the Mental Health Center, plus she is certified to present seminars for Systematic Training for Effective Parenting and Parent Effectiveness Training. 

THE PROCRASTINATING CHILD is the first and only book on the subject of help for procrastinating children. Isn’t that ironic? Don’t we all know families (maybe even our own) where the parents have spent years trying to figure out what to do with a child who forever procrastinates? They tell the child “You can get better grades. Do your homework” or “You’re not coming out till you clean your room.” But the child feels overwhelmed and doesn’t know how to accomplish any of this. Often children think that others were born with the ability to get things done on time, but they were not blessed with that talent. And no one has taught the parents how to teach the child to “do it now”. This is the right book for the right time, and this could be the most exciting fund-raiser you have ever promoted.

If you have decided to sponsor a fund-raiser using THE PROCRASTINATING CHILD, contact Josh Wood at 800-289-2553 ext. 3014 or at 212-727-8300  ext 3014.

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