The Procrastinating Child

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Rita Emmett

Our children don't need our help to
grow older, but they do need our guidance
to mature

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The Procrastinating Child: A Handbook For Adults To Help Children Stop Putting Things Off

  • Was the first book published totally devoted to helping children stop procrastinating
  • Includes true stories and strategies-that-work from some of the 673 people that Rita interviewed about children who procrastinate
  • Helps parents learn how to work as a team with children to coach them out of the putting-off habit
  • Teaches a simple, quick strategy to take the STING out of feeling overwhelmed
  • Has been used as a fundraiser at grade and high schools and combined with the first book, is published in over 32 countries

Here is what people are saying about
The Procrastinating Child:
 A Handbook For Adults To Help Children
Stop  Putting Things Off

(Walker & Co. 2002)


There is so much patient kindness in it -- towards both adult helper and child procrastinator. I have yet to find one accusatory or blameful comment. Not a hint of a "tsk, tsk, tsk". It's all encouragement! That is wonderful!
Jo-Anne Knight, Toronto, Canada

The book is aimed at helping parents determine when a child is procrastinating and when they're just being children, and how to achieve balance between being too controlling and being permissive. Emmett's lighthearted style makes this an easy-to-read, helpful resource for parents.
Vanessa Bush, Booklist, American Library Association.

Rita, your book gave me the formulas, tips and advice to connect and influence my children like never before! Your wisdom has already positively impacted the lives of my children, and will continue for years to come! I've recommended this to my entire e-mail address book! Thank you!!!
Pete Walkey, Indianapolis, IN

The author advises how to encourage a child, get him organized and keep him on the right track, whatever his age. Helpful for dealing with both sluggish underachievers and anxious overachievers, the book uses witty anecdotes and clever guidelines to educate both parents and teachers. Neither group should put off putting its lessons to use.
Jon Warech, New York Daily News

Rita, Your book is wonderful! I love the practical information that can be applied immediately. The Procrastinating Child Ö will be great for both parents and teachers in helping children to succeed. Itís also fun to read
and easy to follow.
Debra Kimbrough, Child Care Consultant, ABC Workshops

Rita, your chapter on clutter is wonderful! My students and I are using your ideas to help them get organized at school and at home. Good-bye messy desks and (hopefully) bedrooms - the place where homework is most
often lost!!
Nora Bennett, Teacher, Lakeside Middle School, Millville, NJ

Rita, Leave it to you to write such a priceless treasure: Simple, and easy to apply. We'll be sharing this with all our friends.
As parents of three girls (twin 3 yr. olds, and a 6 yr. old) and a 12 yr old son, this book not only addresses the procrastination problems we face as parents, it solves them!!! We took it immediately to the childrenís staff at our church. You are a blessing.
Kevin J and Lisa Stolicny, Tulsa, OK

Lighthearted and rewarding, The Procrastinating Child is an invaluable resource.

Your head will bob up and down as you read through these pages. Yes! Yes! But, what to do? Not a problem. The book is full of advice and counsel, including "Ideas to Discuss" and "Ideas in Action" at the end of each chapter. They're presented as a teamwork process; this is something you do WITH your child, not TO your child. This book is small (5.5 by 8 inches), but powerful. You can make a difference with the knowledge you gain in these pages-for your child and for yourself.
Roger Herman, Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

An adult ... like me... can easily say,,, "yeah, I can do this for
me too". Totally unthreatening, because it addresses kids, so whatís to
stop me trying it? This book is soooo simple. no psychology, just gentle  prodding ideas that encourage kids, even BIG ones, to go do it!
Robert Jordan, Dublin, Ireland

Want to use Rita's book "The Procrastinating Child" as a fundraiser for your school?

The Procrastinating Child:
A Handbook For Adults To Help Children Stop Putting Things Off

The publisher, Walker & Co. (NY), has agreed to allow this book to be used as a fund-raiser for schools, and any organizations that promote the welfare of children, and is offering a generous discount so that these groups can make a significant profit per book. Click to see:

  • a 2 page proposal explaining the fund-raiser
  • the cover letter that explains how to obtain a complimentary copy of the
    book and how to have your school or organization participate in this fund-raiser
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