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About Rita's Presentations

Rita Emmett, MS, is a Professional Speaker, a Consultant, and the Author of three books:

The Procrastinator's Handbook: Mastering The Art Of Doing It Now

“Recovering Procrastinator”, Rita offers not only sure-fire tips and techniques, but she also offers hope that procrastinators can convert. She is adamant that procrastination is NOT a personality flaw or a character trait, it is simply a habit. This book:

  • Sold over 100,000 copies in the first 14 months, and Landed Rita on The Today Show interviewed by Katie Couric
  • Shows how a common kitchen gadget can get us started when we’ve been putting off something for ages
  • Offers help to the “I Wanna Do It All” procrastinators
  • Explores how a variety of fears (including Fear of Success) can immobilize us
  • Received an award from Digital Palm Media as the top selling non-fiction e-book of 2001 (Stephen King was the top selling fiction e-book of the year)

The Procrastinating Child:
A Handbook For Adults To Help Children Stop Putting Things Off

  • Was the first book published totally devoted to helping children stop procrastinating
  • Includes true stories and strategies-that-work from some of the 673 people that Rita interviewed about children who procrastinate
  • Helps parents learn how to work as a team with children to coach them out of the putting-off habit
  • Teaches a simple, quick strategy to take the STING out of feeling overwhelmed
  • Has been used as a fundraiser at grade and high schools and combined with the first book, is published in over 32 countries

The Clutter-Busting Handbook:
Clean It Up, Clear It Out, and Keep Your Life Clutter-Free

“Recovered Pack Rat” Rita Emmett writes that we do not have clutter because we are messy, lazy or disorganized. Clutter comes from just 4 (yes, only 4) habits. Rita gives you a simple compassionate, energizing plan for breaking those habits, for taming clutter and simple tips to help you:

  • stop saving all those goofy things that you never need or use
  • stop bringing goofy things into your life that you never need or use
  • find places to put your stuff
  • stop setting things down and not putting them where they belong
  • cultivate new habits to keep clutter from returning
  • part with some of your beloved junk … er … stuff, without breaking your heart or making you cry like a baby poodle

Once you've eliminated un-needed and un-used stuff, and set boundaries on what you allow to come into your home or work space, you will be delighted by how much easier it is to find places for your stuff. AND how much easier it is to find what you want when you want it.

Rita has made over 100 radio and TV appearances, including The Today Show where she was interviewed by Katie Couric


Rita has made over 100 radio and TV
appearances, including The Today Show
where she was interviewed by Katie Couric



Rita's High Content / High Fun Interactive presentations cover subjects such as Blast Away Procrastination, Generate Fabulous Customer Service, and "While You Take Care of Others, Who Takes Care of You?"
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Her customized and interactive keynotes and training seminars have helped hundreds of organizations improve their performance and profitability, and head off burnout before it starts.

Some of her clients are Kraft Foods, AT&T, Northwestern Mutual Life, Mercedes Benz, National Kidney Foundation, Re/Max Realtors, University of Chicago Medical Center.
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Rita uses principles of Accelerated Learning; her stories & humor help people absorb more ideas and retain them longer, and her enthusiasm leaves people feeling energized and motivated.

Rita is convinced that learning can be fun. As a result, most people attending her presentations agree:

  • they actually enjoyed the process of learning
  • they learned valuable information which can be used RIGHT NOW and
  • they definitely were NOT bored.

About Rita

Rita, who was born the world's greatest procrastinator, has converted and is now a Recovering Procrastinator. For example, she took 18 years to complete her four-year bachelor's degree, but three years later Rita earned her Master's degree in Adult Learning while raising children, working at a counseling agency, and building her speaking business. A few other things to know about Rita. She:

  • has been presenting Keynotes and Seminars to businesses and organizations since 1978.
  • has taught each of her topics as an eight-week course at Triton and Chicago City Colleges (was adjunct faculty at both for over 15 years), which gives her an enormous amount of material to select from when she customizes a talk for your people. 
  • was published in the Great Speakers Anthology in 1995, and has had dozens of articles published in magazines and newspapers. 
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  • received the Business and Professional Women's "Woman of Achievement" award.
  • worked 19 years at a counseling agency (she would like you to believe she started at age 10).
  • every year is included in the Who's Who In American Education (since 1992), as well as Who's Who in America, Who's Who in the Midwest, The World Wide Who's Who of Women, and Who's Who of American Women.
  • was the Keynote Speaker at the Governor's Mansion in Springfield, Illinois.
  • serves on the Professional Women's Advisory Board of the American Biographical Institute.

Why Hire Rita?

One of the best evaluations Meeting Planners give to Rita is that they often invite her back to present more programs for their people.

"For the second time in 9 months you have addressed our organization, and no doubt our group is more productive and creative as the result of your insights."
R. Brown, President, Banner Personnel Service, Inc.

Everyone in the audience loves to hear how Rita's customized presentations address their needs and concerns.

"It is a pleasure to have a speaker take the time to research her audience & gear her talk specifically to the group."
E. Nap, Wisconsin Gas Company

Meeting Planners love Rita's High Content / High Fun style.

"Informative, fun and filled with real-life, down to earth strategies for tackling life problems. So glad we've already scheduled you for next year."
K. Messer, Life Service Network of Illinois

Participants don't want to leave simply feeling good, they want to learn skills they can use right NOW to start solving their problems.

"Enthusiastic! Several of us have already taken action on conquering procrastination."
L.L. Morabito, Qantas Airways Limited

A program is best received when everyone in the audience can relate to the speaker.

"The workshop is attended by all support staff - transportation, food service, maintenance, and instructional support. You were able to reach this diverse group of people with professionalism and humor. The morning passed in a flash! Outstanding!"
J. Duller, Leyden High Schools, Franklin Park, IL

Participants often consider Rita's presentation to be the most important part of the meeting.

"The account executives rated you as the highlight of their daylong meeting. Your presentation was truly a value and valuable!"
N. Gilpin, Nicor

Meeting Planners love hearing their people urge co-workers to rush to hear Rita's next presentation.

"Everyone is raving about your workshops and encouraging others to attend your offerings we've scheduled in future months."
P. Murphy, ESRD Network 13, Oklahoma City, OK

Meeting Planners love it when the evaluations show top ratings.

"Wow! Did you make an impact! The response to your presentation earned the highest rating of any speaker that we've had in our district in the nineteen years I have been here."
D. Abhalter, Western Springs Public Schools

One evaluation audience members love to give is that the time flew by for them.

"First presentation I was at that I never once felt the need to check the time on my watch!"
Participant Evaluation at Ameritech Seminar

Equally important, audience members want valuable information delivered in an entertaining and enjoyable manner.

"Your humor & storytelling were excellent vehicles for getting a serious message out."
A. Whaley, Innovation Ink

People are delighted when they receive from Rita helpful skills for both the home and workplace.

"Outstanding! Insightful! What a tremendous amount of "take away" content to use in our professional and personal lives."
M. Hawley, The Talbott Hotel

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