A Stitch in Thyme Saves Money and Reduces Reasons to Blush: Edit Everything!

By Wendy Keller
Literary Agent

A journalist friend was horrified when angry family members called his local paper. In his haste to make deadline, he ran the sentence, “The woman is now dead.” Ah, one little lower-case character stood between him and the Pulitzer! The reality? “The woman is not dead.” What a surprise for her and her friends to read an obituary for a death that had not occurred! How crucial editing is for everyone!

In out hurried word of dead lines and panes to catch, sometimes we for get that technology cannot yet replace a pear of human ice when it comes to smell checkers and grammar programs. Ewe must find the thyme to actually look over all that goats out under your name, or hire pupae hue cane fir you. Get the idea? (FYI - my spell and grammar checker approved that “hole” paragraph! I count 16 errors.)

Auto-correct and Word 8.0 cannot guarantee flawless typing. One method I teach authors is to sit on anything they write for two whole weeks before sending it out. During this time, do not fuss, edit, think about, obsess on or change one little thing. Leave the material alone, in hard copy format, in a sealed envelope. Since you are never “barely sliding in under deadline” due to Covey’s book on time management, the two weeks will be no problem. Then, re-read it with a red pen in hand. You’ll be amazed at the dramatic improvement in your writing skills! There’s no great writing – only great re-writing!

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