12 Tips to Have Less Chaos at Home

excerpt from Chapter 8: "Clutter Busting" in THE PROCRASTINATORíS HANDBOOK by Rita Emmett


  1. Have company over once in a while so the house gets cleaned.

  2. Pay bills, fold laundry, sort through catalogues and magazines, and so forth during TV commercials or

  3. Tidy up during commercials.

  4. When de-cluttering a room, start at the doorway and go right or left. Then if youíre interrupted, you can see where you stopped.

  5. Donít de-clutter and clean the same day. You might keel over, poor thing.

  6. Keep all your house information (insurance, warrantees, receipts, directions to program VCR) together in a file, binder, drawer, desk, box or paper bag.

  7. Never climb stairs empty-handed as long as thereís something that should be taken upstairs.

  8. Never leave a room empty-handed until the only things in the room are ones that belong there.

  9. Glance over your left shoulder every time you leave a room. Pick up the clutter you spot and take it with you.

  10. Learn to delegate.

  11. Learn to ignore. Relationships are more important than chasing dust bunnies.

  12. Hire someone to clean your house even if itís only once in a great while.


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