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Wouldn’t you love to know the


I used to be the world’s biggest Pack Rat, saving everything and anything --- useless stuff that I never needed or used.

My kitchen counters were stacked so high with clutter, my family teased me that when I decide to sell the house, the counters will look brand new because not a speck of dust or a single beam of sunlight has ever touched them.

My best friend wouldn’t come to my house – not ever – because the clutter in my house made her nervous. One time, she offered to help me clear off my kitchen counters, and the first thing she picked up was a coupon for fifteen cents off a box of cereal.

The coupon had expired almost two years earlier.

She tossed it back on to the counter, grabbed her purse and said, “Come on to my house, I gotta’ get out of here.”

But I converted. Now I’m a “Recovered Pack Rat”.



What Causes Clutter?

Do you know what causes our clutter to appear? It’s NOT from our being lazy, messy or disorganized; clutter simply comes from four habits. That’s right, only four (4) (IV) habits!!

AND these habits are not that hard to break once you understand them.

We just completed a series of four teleseminars (a one-hour class taught by phone to a group) that covered four important, frustrating aspects of vaporizing clutter:

  1. How Do I Start? Tips and strategies to help you stop feeling overwhelmed and start conquering your clutter
  2. Easy, Painless ways to help you say good-bye to your sentimental clutter without breaking your heart or crying like a baby poodle
  3. Fast, easy steps to dig out from all your paper clutter
  4.  Simple ideas to prevent stealth clutter from sneaking back into your life

By the end of the four teleseminars, people were astounded and excited about the successes they’ve achieved in vaporizing their clutter.

Note: These classes have ended but you’re not too late. You have one more chance!
Not to take a teleseminar, but to now purchase the recordings of the actual teleseminars of Rita's "How to Vaporize Your Clutter " classes.

The set of four CDs are now available so you can – at your convenience – listen to this dynamic way of learning the secrets of clutter-busting. All taught by “Recovered Pack Rat” Rita Emmett, author of The Clutter-Busting Handbook.

You’ll find yourself feeling hopeful, nodding in agreement, feeling amazed at how you relate to the group, and laughing at this universal problem of TOO MUCH CLUTTER.

  • Are you swamped by clutter?
  • Do you feel like you waste years of your life doing the Clutter Shuffle rummaging through piles of stuff looking for something important?
  • Are you a Pack Rat who saves everything because somebody might need it some day? But when they need it, you forgot you had it … or if you remembered that you had it, then you couldn’t find it?

Are You Ready To End Your Clutter?

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Need more details about what will be covered in the CDs set of “VAPORIZE YOUR CLUTTER”?

Vaporize Your Clutter

The series is based on Rita Emmett’s newest book, The Clutter-Busting Handbook (available at bookstores, Amazon or from Rita’s website which is cleverly named: RitaEmmett.com)

You’ll find it helpful to read this book before listening to the CDs, but if it’s buried under your clutter and you can’t find it, that’s OK. You don’t HAVE to read the book in order to benefit from these CDs. Here’s what they cover:

How do I start? Tips and strategies to help you stop feeling overwhelmed and start conquering your clutter
During this class you will:

  • Realize that your clutter does not come from being lazy, messy or disorganized
  • Learn simple tips to help you stop feeling overwhelmed and exhausted
  • Discover ideas for how to tackle the 4 Deadly Sins of Clutter
  • Observe why Rita never asks Pack Rats to throw away their beloved stuff
  • Identify the best place to start de-cluttering
  • Determine how to find someone who will love and cherish some of the precious things you might be willing to say good-bye to

Easy, painless ways to help you say good-bye to your sentimental clutter without breaking your heart or sobbing like a baby poodle
During this class you will:

  • Understand why you are holding on to your mementos
  • Identify ways to cherish memories without hanging on to tons of your clutter … er.. that is… your stuff..
  • Uncover ways to honor the memory of loved ones without becoming caretaker of everything they ever owned
  • Find ways to easily and painlessly decide what to keep and what not to keep
  • Discover how you might actually WANT to say good-bye to some of your things
  • Realize ways to say good-bye to sentimental items without breaking your heart or shedding any tears

Fast, easy ways to dig out from all your paper clutter
During this class you will:

  • Find a sure-fire simple way to clear out paper clutter FAST
  • Understand why we need new ways to handle paper clutter
  • Decide if you want to continue paying hard-earned cash on a particular type of clutter that 90% of us keep paying for
  • Learn easy quick tips to keep paper clutter from returning
  • Discover wonderful places to put your papers
  • Realize that your wastebasket is not an evil monster who gobbles up all your important data
  • Uncover secrets of successful systems for filing papers or keeping track of phone calls
  • Receive tips for conquering computer clutter

Simple ideas to prevent stealth clutter from sneaking back into your life
During this class you will:

  • Discover secrets and strategies for handling others in your home who are the “Clutter Culprits”
  • Find ways to stop rummaging through drawers and other areas after you’ve just straightened them out.
  • Learn tricks and tips for those times you’re too busy to prevent clutter
  • Realize when and why decision-making connects with clutter
  • Hear how to keep bargains from cluttering up your life
  • Receive instructions on how to become a Clutter Cop in your home

With each session, you will come away with a simple compassionate, energizing plan for breaking those wild clutter habits, for taming your jumbled stuff and simple tips to help you:

  • stop saving all those goofy things that you never need or use
  • stop bringing goofy things into your life that you never need or use
  • find places to put your stuff
  • stop setting things down and not putting them where they belong
  • cultivate new habits to keep clutter from returning
  • part with some of your beloved junk … er … stuff, without going into major melt-down or throwing a tantrum.

You’ll receive wise, practical advice on separating what you need or truly want from what you simply have or have been hanging onto for the wrong reasons.

There are tips for those who have trouble getting started or staying motivated.

Once you've given away or thrown out the excess, and put strict controls on what you allow to come into your home or work space, you will be delighted by how much easier it is to find places for your stuff — and how much easier it is to find what you want when you want it.

Don’t put off this decision. This one small purchase could change your life.

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You’ll never regret it.

Rita Emmett
“Recovered Pack Rat”

After you buy this set of CDs to VAPORIZE YOUR CLUTTER, if you ever feel that --- for any reason --- it is not worth the money, or that you are unhappy with, we will gladly return your money. No questions asked.

Can you imagine how fantastic you’ll feel when your clutter starts to melt away? You’ll actually be able to FIND stuff.

Wait till you see all the treasures you discover as you start to go through your clutter. It’s like going on a grand shopping spree but it doesn’t cost you a cent. You’ll come across things you forgot you had!

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