February 2007 Anticrastination Tip Sheet

What's the opposite of Procrastination?
An Idea and Tip Sheet to Blast Away the
Procrastination Habit
From Rita Emmett


Kind words about "The Procrastinator's Handbook"

Dear Rita,
Your book left me feeling ...reinvented, revived, and re-energized. I still, to this day, remember reading it for the first time and thinking, 'I'm not alone, I can do this. And Rita Emmett is showing me that I can do this even if I'm not 20 years old anymore....I loved the story of the lady who told her husband she wished she had a college degree....

You also taught me no matter where you are in life you CAN change your thinking and do what you have always wanted to do. That you are the only one stopping you. I also like the part about people are more afraid of "fear of success" than "fear of failure" because that really is true and I don't think most people see that.

I realized that one of the reasons I procrastinated for so long was the fact I knew I could do what I had in mind at the time, but I was afraid of what to do once I got it...so I never did. This goes for anything...relationships, houses, travel, jobs, etc. I say these things because growing up I was taught to believe that these things were out of my reach, and if I did want them I was being selfish...
--- Leslie Buck


A St. Valentine's Gift For You

Have You Heard About the Movie "The Secret"? It's a magical movie that many of us paid $30 or more to view, but because of the help and generosity of my friend, Daniel Hall, you can view it free at http://www.speakerscruisefree.com/ritasecret.html

Fifteen years ago, I was in a miserable relationship, a dead-end job and dead broke. Hmmm, I just used the word "dead" twice. That's probably a good description of how I felt.

So I took tons of seminars, read more books than I could count and spent ages in therapy, all of which helped me turn my life around. After watching "The Secret", I thought "Wow, in one hour, they summarized all that I worked so hard (& spent so much money) to learn."

"The Secret" is sold only on the web, yet it seems that Oprah has discovered it and she will devote a show to this movie and its teachings on February 8th.

If you are looking to change or improve your life, take time to watch "The Secret" at


Message from Rita

Can you imagine a 10-day cruise filled with Irish music? My brother once told me he would jump off the boat if he had to endure that. But Bruce and I have a passion for Irish music and we just returned from a glorious Irish Festival Cruise in the Caribbean. That's why this Tip Sheet it late.  Well, that plus I'm feeling a bit cranky about the Chicago weather and the fact that nobody is cooking our meals, feeding us every 14 minutes (they do that on cruise ships, ya know) and making our bed every day.  Then there's "Da Bears". Cranky, cranky, cranky.

So let's get to our February message:

What The World Needs Now Is Love Sweet Love

Yes, people procrastinate about tasks, errands and chores, but sometimes, they also put off friends, loved ones and relationships. In this month of St. Valentine, let's remember that most people do NOT celebrate the holiday with romance & roses, either because of circumstances, or choice or they are just too darned tired. What to do?

Have you ever wished the world had more love, but you put off doing something about it?


  1. Donate books to your local library. Often the "Friends of the Library" has a sale once or twice a year to raise funds.
  2. Write a Thank You note to that favorite teacher you had in school.
  3. Volunteer at a homeless or runaway youth shelter.
  4. Bring cookies or a huge container of popcorn or pretzels to your local Fire or Police Department.
  5. Forgive somebody.
  6. Forgive everybody. (Even yourself.)
  7. Visit a friend, relative or former neighbor in a nursing home, or call up and ask if you can visit someone who never has visitors.
  8. Donate used books, DVDs and games to our military at  booksforsoldiers.com. Not expensive to mail because you receive an APO address so no matter where they are stationed, you pay postage only to New York.
  9. Take a kid to the zoo. Borrow one if necessary. (A kid, not a zoo) The animals are lonely this time of year and you probably have a young friend or relative who has a bad case of "Cabin Fever".
  10. Rescue a pet from the Humane Society.
  11. Bring a bunch of carnations to work and announce that "Today is National Flower Day" (or some other made-up holiday) and hand them out to women AND men.
  12. Support your local community theater or concert projects. Invite a lonely neighbor or co-worker to join you and whoever else is in your group.
  13. Offer hot coffee or cocoa to people working outside in cold weather. (If you spot workers in your neighborhood fixing something, fill a thermos and bring along disposable cups, or if it's the guy who sells papers on the corner, treat him to something from your favorite coffee house.)
  14. Send some money to the relief effort in Africa.
  15. Send some money to the relief effort in your own town.
  16. Donate a book to or write to a prisoner through a program cleverly called "Book 'Em" at www.writeaprisoner.com/books-behind-bars/
  17. If you're going to be alone on Valentine's Day, round up other loners of all ages (groups that include kids and senior citizens can be weird but fun) and go out for pizza or hot fudge sundaes.
  18. Offer free baby sitting for one night to that single parent you know who is struggling (even if YOU are a single parent yourself. Maybe they'll reciprocate some day.)
  19. Support INTERNATIONAL BOOK PROJECT www.intlbookproject.org/ a 40-year old not-for-profit organization that sends books to orphanages, schools and churches worldwide.
  20. Pray for Peace.


  1. Pick up the tab for someone who has it rougher than you. (Ever spot someone at a restaurant with an elderly or infirm family member? At airports we often spot members of the military in restaurants. Surprise them by picking up the cost of their meal.)
  2. Pay the toll for the people in the next car behind you.
  3. Shovel snow for someone.