July 2006 Anticrastination Tip Sheet

What's the opposite of Procrastination?
An Idea and Tip Sheet to Blast Away the
Procrastination Habit
From Rita Emmett


Quote For July

Follow the trail to your dreams,
not the path of others' expectations


Special Deal

Hi all,

This is late --- NOT just because of the US holiday celebration of the 4th of July and NOT just because we've been on a 26 day dream-come-true vacation (the longest I've ever been away. Who has enough clothes for that kind of trip???) and NOT because we've went right out-of-town again for a 3-day conference.

I believe it's late because of that thing we read about in high school: "A body at rest stays at rest." After all that relaxing, I can't seem to get my body (or mind) back in motion.

We were cruising-for-free again and this time it was a magnificent trip to Russia, Poland, Estonia, Germany and the Scandinavian countries. Then the cruise ended in England, so we flew to Ireland to spend a week. NOW do you see why I can't seem to get back into the work mode? I've been playing just a wee bit too much.

About the free cruises --- a few months ago, I gave the web site for information on how to get started http://www.marketerschoice.com/app/aftrack.asp?afid=321087 and received several inquiries asking "Is this for real?" Yes, it is.

I recently received this email:

Dear Rita,
Okay, I just had to write you. I just purchased and downloaded the Cruise For Free Course by Daniel Hall. I wasn't expecting much (and I should have -- seeing as how I purchased this off Rita's webpage and I know she would have high expectations)...I have made it to Part 3 and I am simply amazed at the information included. I can't wait to get started planning my cruise excursions!! Thanks so much. I have already gleaned information that had I not known it I would have bombed right out the gate!!

Brenda Barker,
future author "From High School to Handcuffs", chef, and time
management guru.

If you want more information to cruise free, go to
Daniel Hall (the creator of the "Speak on Cruise Ships" course)
and I will offer a teleseminar (a class taught by phone) on
Thursday, August 10 at 7pm Central Time.
And even better yet, it is free.

That's because we want to encourage everyone to join us - even if you are not a speaker. Daniel can show you how to make this work.

Even thought it's free, you must register in order to receive the phone number and the hand-outs. To register, go to:

Another Special:

I am thrilled to be included in an anthology (which is a collection of writings by different authors) called "101 Great Ways to Improve Your Life". It has 101 articles by some of my favorite speakers such as Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy, and Jim Rohn. We each wrote on a different topic ranging from Prosperity Consciousness to Inner Serenity, from Forgiveness to Networking.

It is available at www.Amazon.com and bookstores for $14.95 but you can purchase an autographed copy from our web site (RitaEmmett.com) for only $6.00.

It's a great book for anyone needing inspiration - young people starting college or high school, anyone starting a new endeavor or who has a dream that they hope to pursue, or who wants to increase the wealth in their lives, or who might be going through some tough times and need something to lift their spirits.

Here's a testimonial about it:

"I received my copy of this book last week and immediately it was useful! There was a chapter on speed-reading & I handed the book to my daughter who had been complaining about the long book she had to finish for English.

She's an avid, but slow reader. Within 15 minutes, her speed had increased and she reported to me this morning that she only has one more chapter of her book to read. She was very proud of herself!"

I myself also found a treasure when I first opened the book to one of the chapters. It took me about five minutes to read. The best part of this is that I had been trying to solve a particular problem in work, and this article helped me to see the solution in record time! I didn't have to read a whole book to get the wisdom distilled in that one short chapter."

To purchase it, go to:


And now, here's our
Message For July:

The Power Of Rewards

To get yourself going on a project, give yourself a reward --- one that you'll really love. Small rewards for small jobs; bigger rewards for bigger jobs.

Some people find it easy to reward themselves at the end of a project and, as a result, they add enjoyment to their work by looking forward to the reward. Others are stumped. They can't think of a reward that would motivate them. This is partly because they have a work ethic that dictates: "I am only worthwhile when I am being productive and working hard."

To keep from procrastinating and as a variation on a reward system, many people "deprive" themselves of a simple reward until a job is complete. If there's a new movie you're dying to see or a DVD you want to rent or you're craving a cup of coffee, push yourself to finish something, then relax and enjoy your reward -- guilt free.

Some Rewards That Might Motivate You To Get It Done

  • time for a hobby
  • a massage
  • shop
  • an afternoon or full day off during your busy weekend
  • attend a conference, seminar, or class
  • get out of the office and go for a walk
  • a chat with a friend you haven't connected with for ages
  • time spent outdoors in nature
  • weekend get-away
  • extra sleep
  • time off without guilt
  • physical exercise
  • time in the company of a loved one
  • golf or any favorite sport or activity
  • read a great book or a trashy magazine
  • bubble bath
  • fishing or hunting alone or with friends
  • dine out
  • doing something absolutely useless just because you love doing it
  • a one-day or weekend retreat

Now, let me ask you for a favor. I've received several requests for tips to help college kids reduce clutter in their dorm rooms. Well, when I was in college, I was the World's Greatest Pack Rat. Since then, I've converted.

So now I need help trying to come up with ideas. Do you have any suggestions for keeping clutter under control in a small dorm room at a time of life that you need so much stuff? I'd love to hear from you.