April 2006 Anticrastination Tip Sheet

Yes, this is the APRIL Anticrastination Tip Sheet
Yes, this is still MARCH
Sometimes ya gotta' do stuff in your own time

From Rita Emmett


Quote for April

O! how this spring of love resembleth
The uncertain glory of an April day!
--- William Shakespeare (1564-1616)


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Message From Rita

Last month, I wrote about how we procrastinate with creating community in our lives and asked for ideas. Here are some bright & creative ideas sent from our bright & creative readers. Sadly, I 'lost" 2 of the names, so I'm not including anyone's name. Here's what they wrote:

#1. One of my goals was to start having some fun in my life, so I set up a dinner club. Eight of us meet for dinner once a month, always the second Friday. We take turns being the hostess - the hostess gets to choose whether we're having dinner at a fancy restaurant, a less expensive place, at her house, or potluck; and makes reservations as needed. The rest of us attend or not as we can. (I didn't want to get into lots of "when should we meet" and "what should we do" email exchanges.) With eight in the club there are usually at least four or five who can make it. We have a yahoo group to communicate with each other. This has been the highlight of my year.

#2 In Atlanta, my sister, Jan, celebrated her retirement from being a Methodist minister (since 1973) and working as a chaplain at Emory University Hospital in Atlanta for 16 years. She started a program where once a year the clergy bless the hands of the nurses, doctors, and other hospital workers. It was also a way to connect everyone who worked in the hospital and let them know that others recognized their important work. Jan's church also recognized her retirement during the service yesterday. When it was her time to speak, Jan talked about the focus of her ministry was always listening to other people's stories. She knew that often these people needed someone to just listen. After hearing the story, Jan would then be more able to offer the right words of support.

One of my favorite groups meets once a month to knit. We share stories, sometimes silly and sometimes serious. Thanks for thoughts on groups.

#3 Our town-home development has become a real community. It starts with groups (bridge, tennis, movie clans) and moved from there. Everyone pitches in when health problems strike as well as the normal fun things. Also, one of our church members lives in a huge condo complex (about
fourteen four-story buildings) Another church member moved into one of the buildings and started a trend. THERE ARE NOW 12 single older women scattered amongst the various buildings. If someone wants to head to dinner, movie, a play and, of course, a church event, they have an instant carpool. Walking buddies abound. They have a weekly Friday cocktail party. Our minister calls them "the nunnery" but we are determined to find something more flashy. Some have moved out of very nice houses just so they could join this "community." They love it. Roommates without having to share the rooms.

#4 My friend and fellow speaker, Greg Risberg wrote: Thanks for your message on building community. We really can do it most anywhere. Recently, I've been doing it on vacation in Phoenix. Almost everyone is new & a little shy. Today when we went into the swimming pool, there were about 20 people standing around in the water. I asked a couple where they were from & when they said "Michigan" I said "Wow! I have a daughter there! Do you know her?" Well, almost everyone laughed & most of us started telling our stories to someone near us. When you're "on vacation" you can feel isolated, especially if you're by yourself, but most of us want to connect & feel recognized, some way.

#5 I received an hilarious email from my pal John Murphy who sails with us on the Irish Music Cruise every year. He wrote that on Valentine's Day this year he tucked his photo into valentines and handed them out to all the single women on the cruise. Methinks he had more in mind than simply creating community, but I do have to admit he generated quite a buzz and lots of laughter among the group. Also, he claims he didn't give me one because I already have the top Valentine --- my hubby, Bruce. (awwwwww)

That's the end, dear Bright and Creative readers. My next project is I'm writing about how we procrastinate about taking care of ourselves. What are your thoughts? What would you like to know about? I'd love to hear from you.