February 2006 Anticrastination Tip Sheet

What's the opposite of Procrastination?
An Idea and Tip Sheet to Blast Away the
Procrastination Habit
From Rita Emmett


Joke of the Month

(instead of a quote, this made me laugh so thought I'd share it with you.)

You know you're working too hard when ....

  • Not only do you talk in your sleep, but you also give PowerPoint presentations, too.

  • To get your daily java fix, you had a Starbucks opened in your office building --- and you work from home.

  • Your new definition of quality time with your spouse is grunting "hello" when you pass in the hall.

  • In order to reach a decision on a new color scheme for your office, you commission a focus group.

  • You've gone through so many life coaches, you're thinking of hiring a past-life coach.


Message From Rita


How do you feel about wastebaskets? That's right, you read that correctly - your attitude toward your wastebasket will have a profound and - yea verily -- mystical impact on your paper clutter.

Do not - I repeat DO NOT - think of your wastebasket as an evil enemy who gobbles up all your important data. It is your sweet and kind, loyal and true friend who needs to be nurtured and fed.

So feed your wastebasket.

Also, buy a wastebasket for every spot in which paper clutter accumulates. You might whine, "But a wastebasket looks dumb in my dining room." And to that I retort, "Pray tell, do you think all that paper stacked on your dining room table has an intelligent look ... as opposed to that dumb-looking wastebasket?

Now here is some wondrous facts about wastebaskets: they come in attractive colors and styles. Yes, they do. You may even find one that you love.

BEWARE: When you go on your wastebasket-shopping-binge, don't buy little bitty teeny-tiny dainty ones unless you have little bitty teeny-tiny dainty stacks of papers. If you have mega-paper clutter like most of us, then you need mega-wastebaskets. Lots of them.

Want help in digging out from all your clutter? You'll find lots of products to help you on our web site:

And what's the heart of the message for this month? Feed your wastebasket.


Catching up with Rita

Watch for the March issue of Women's Day (goes on stands in Feb) for the Clutter Busting article by Amanda Pressner

If you live in the Chicago area, you'll have two more chances to meet with Rita in person:

Tues. March 14, lunch meeting in Home Glen, Illinois
Rita speaks about "Blast Away Procrastination"
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Call Georgiana Carollus 708-301-7908 Ex: 432

Wed., March 15, 7pm at Schaumburg Library
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7:30 PM
Rita speaks on "Vaporize Your Clutter"
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