November 2005 Anticrastination Tip Sheet

What's the opposite of Procrastination?
An Idea and Tip Sheet to Blast Away the
Procrastination Habit
From Rita Emmett


Tip For The Month

Want to start off 2006 with less clutter? Begin now to cultivate a "3-a-day" habit. Every day, from now till Jan 1, "process" 3 pieces of clutter - put it where it belongs, toss it out, return it or do what you need to do with it. Keep going back to the same area of clutter to select the next 3 pieces. Your clutter  accumulated one item at a time. Getting rid of 3 every day will begin the de-cluttering process.

Then, whenever you can (maybe once a week?), devote one hour to the clutter in that one place. When that clutter is gone, go to the next cluttered spot.

You will be amazed at how getting rid of clutter from just one small area will leave you feeling lighter and clearer thinking.

Let me know how you do.


Update On Melissa

Many of you have asked for an update on my friend Melissa who I wrote about when she, her husband and 23-month-old twins evacuated from New Orleans to Houston when Hurricane Katrina hit.

Life seems to be a bit better for the poor people stranded in the Convention Center, but it got worse for the people like Melissa who had jobs and cars, and evacuated when they were told to.

As you may have guessed, Melissa & her husband, Koy, had to pack up the twins (who celebrated their second birthday last week) and evacuate Houston when the next hurricane hit.

Their house is unlivable and they have lost everything, so they stay with whoever they can, and their businesses in New Orleans have been flooded and looted. No help from insurance yet.

But most important, their little girl, Bella, was scheduled to have brain surgery in New Orleans two days after Katrina devastated the city. So they have started over with the medical process, and spent many days with Houston doctors having Bella and her twin brother, Max, tested. Then while Koy worked trying to get their businesses up and running, Melissa, accompanied by the twins, consulted with doctors in Dallas, Boston and Philadelphia testing and evaluating Bella.

She will have brain surgery on Nov. 1 at Medical City Hospital in Dallas. Bella will need at least 3 weeks for recovery, and during that time Melissa and family will stay in a hotel next to the hospital because they don't know a soul in Dallas. They will stay in a suite to accommodate family members who will take turns coming to help watch the little guy while his sister recovers.

No, the hotel doesn't give them a discount, but this weekend, some friends in Houston are having a fund raiser for many of the evacuees who aren't poor enough (even though they've lost everything) to receive government money, including Melissa's family.

Melissa asks for prayers - for Bella to have a successful and speedy recovery, and for Melissa, whose mind is worn out from making life threatening decisions. She says she feels like Humpty Dumpty and needs to "put her mind back together again".

And she needs a nap.

And she needs courage because she dreads, dreads, dreads the moment she'll hand over her baby to the medical team who will saw her skull open.

But most of all she needs prayers and positive thoughts sent her way.

UPDATE: As we're sending off this Tip Sheet, Melissa called. Bella has tonsillitis and surgery has been postponed for 3 weeks. This is the second time Melissa has been psyched up for her baby's surgery and it's been postponed. She is in shock and cannot believe this is happening. Now they pack up their 3 weeks worth of stuff and find a place to stay. 

Their story is a reminder that many of the evacuees of Katrina still don't have homes or jobs to return to.