2005 Anticrastination Tip Sheet

What's the opposite of Procrastination?
An Idea and Tip Sheet to Blast Away the
Procrastination Habit
From Rita Emmett


Quote For September:

This poem was sent to me by Ann Handley of New Zealand after the terrorist attack on September 11, 2001

And this for comfort thou must know;
Times that are ill won't still be so;
Clouds won't forever pour down rain;
A sullen day will clear again.
----Robert Herrick.


Message From Rita

New Orleans - One Person's Story

As I watch the heartbreaking news of loss and suffering along the Gulf Coast of the US, all thoughts of procrastination are set aside today. Instead, my mind is on a story of need that is more important. The tragedy and devastation created by Hurricane Katrina leaves many of us wishing there was SOMETHING we could do to help. Here is one person's story and an opportunity to help.

My friend Melissa was born and raised in New Orleans, and her parents and extended family all live there. Recently, Melissa, her husband, and children moved to a beautiful new house in Metarie, LA, which is one of the cities near New Orleans hardest hit by the flood.

Her 23-month-old daughter was scheduled for brain surgery in New Orleans August 31, last Wednesday, but the hospital has been without electricity since August 29.

Melissa and her family are among 9 people who moved in with some distant relatives in Texas. She's trying to keep 23-month-old twins from tearing up the house and disturbing others who are taking refuge there. Her new house in Metarie is possibly under water, her husband's businesses in New Orleans are flooded and they will generate no income until the businesses are back in operation.

Meantime, she fears her baby is living on borrowed time. A plate in her head protrudes a bit under the skin, and the slightest fall can be devastating. Of course, having a twin brother doesn't help - the babies are either conking each other or pushing each other all day long.

Melissa's mind & heart are not peaceful and she asks for prayers. She is usually the "rock" of the family, and she feels as if she is running out of her supply of inner strength..

They left with 3 days worth of clothes for each family member including the kids because they thought that's how long they'd be gone. Now they think -- IF their house is still standing --- they won't be able to move back for months.

They don't know what the next few days, weeks or months will be for them.

Melissa has some major decisions to make (For example: does she go for a consult with doctors she doesn't know in Texas - starting all over, with no medical records for her daughter? Does she wait until the New Orleans hospital is up and running again? How long can she wait?)

She would love once in a while to get the babies out of the house, put them in a stroller and go for a walk to clear her head and help her think. However, who packs up a stroller when you think you are leaving for only 3 days? They brought nothing like that with them.

What can you do? They especially need two things: First, if you live in the Houston area, can you help her track down some one or some place where she can borrow a twin stroller, and several other items for twins?

If you can help, feel free to contact me via email or phone (847-699-9950). Second and most important, please pray. Melissa cannot wrap her mind around all that has happened to her beloved New Orleans, yet she has to start thinking clearly and make major decisions.

Our hearts and prayers are with this family, and everyone touched by the devastation of Hurricane Katrina.


Do you live in the Chicago area? Want to meet Rita in person?

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Special Deal

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During the 4 sessions, we covered 1) getting started; 2) sentimental clutter; 3) paper clutter and 4) stealth clutter (you know, that stuff that keeps creeping back after you've de-cluttered).

Something strange and amazing has happened to my low tech husband. He recorded all 4 classes, and magically put them on 4 CDs. And this time, we don't think the CDs will be blank and silent as they've been in the past.

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