November 2004 Anticrastination Tip Sheet

What's the opposite of Procrastination?
An Idea and Tip Sheet to Blast Away the
Procrastination Habit
From Rita Emmett, Recovering Procrastinator


Late Breaking News

Rita's third book, THE CLUTTER-BUSTING HANDBOOK will  be published in the US next April, 2005, and her publisher, Walker and Co., has ALREADY sold it to Canada and Turkey, and just yesterday it was also sold to Sweden and France. Rita is over the moon with delight. She says, "IF you have a book in your heart, you've GOTTA' write it.
This is so much fun."


Quote for November

You will never FIND time for anything. If you want time, you must MAKE it.
--- Charles Buxton


Message for November

EMMETT'S LAW: The Dread of Doing a Job Uses Up More Time and Energy Thank Doing the Job Itself. Isn't that true?

How much time, energy, anxiety, guilt and exhaustion have you ever spent agonizing about something you've put off for weeks or even months, and when you finally did it, it took you only 23 minutes. Don't you just want to smack yourself in the head & say "Why did I procrastinate so long about that?"

And while you were putting it off, that dread was hanging over your head like a dark cloud.

Have you ever - just as you're falling asleep at night - thought to yourself "Oh man, I still haven't made that phone call" or you think, "I STILL have that huge pile of paper clutter go sort through because I've GOT to find that information" and your stomach ties up in knots, your heart starts to pound.

That dread can just suck the energy out of your bones. I think that dreading a job leaves us as tired as if we were digging a ditch. If you're putting off something important and you CANNOT think of a reason to DO IT NOW, remember the power of the dread that comes with procrastination. It can make you miserable, anxious, guilty, exhausted and sick.

And the opposite is true, too, isn't it? Have you ever finally done something that you've been putting off for ages? And when it's complete, don't you want to dance the dance of joy? You get so much energy you just want to run around the block and shout to the world what you've just finished. It's a great feeling, a sensational one. Think of all this the next time you know you need to do something NOW but you start to talk yourself into putting it off till later. Do you really want to spend time with that cloud of dread hanging over your head?