November 2003 Anticrastination Tip Sheet

What's the opposite of Procrastination?
An Idea and Tip Sheet to Blast Away the
Procrastination Habit
From Rita Emmett
Author of The Procrastinator's Handbook
& The Procrastinating Child: A Handbook for Adults to Help
Children Stop Putting Things Off

Quote For November

-- Rita Emmett, The Procrastinator's Handbook

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Message for November

Last month we began a discussion of causes of Stealth Clutter, which appears after you've worked your poor fingers to the bone de-cluttering. You glance away for 10 seconds, and when you look back, a whole bunch of new clutter has appeared. Where does Stealth Clutter come from? How does it get there?

Stealth Clutter Cause #1 is in last month's Tip Sheet.


This cause for clutter-slipping-in-under-the-radar is the belief that "I'm so busy and in such a hurry that I don't have time to put things away."

BOOM: You've got clutter.

The problem is, you don't have a realistic idea of how long something takes. You might believe that something will take so long to put away that it would make you late for work; when the reality could be that the whole "putting away process" takes less than a minute.

SOLUTION: Get a stopwatch or a watch or clock that tells you how many seconds are going by. Time yourself.

Go and perform an "Anti-clutter" activity and time it. For example, go into the bathroom and time how long it takes to pick up the tube of toothpaste, put the cap on it and place it where it belongs.

Time how long it takes to hang a towel where it goes instead of tossing it on the floor.

Go into the bedroom. How long does it take to hang a shirt on a hanger or to throw clothes into a clothes hamper?

No clothes hamper in the bedroom? Wellllllll, maybe that would be part of the solution to this problem. Let us digress for a moment. Buy a clothes hamper and wastebasket for every room where clutter appears and see if that might stop some of that Stealth Clutter
from sneaking under your radar.

For example, I keep a large wastebasket in the garage right next to where my car ends up. That is a HUGE help in keeping my car clutter-free. As I exit the car, I look around for any papers or empty cans or bottles or .... clutter ... and toss it into the wastebasket before grabbing the groceries or briefcase or packages or whatever.

Then there's no reason for me to say, "I don't have the time to de-clutter my car." The clutter was tossed out at the end of each trip and it never had a chance to accumulate. That wastebasket was a great investment. Since we put it there, it's been easy to keep
my car free of clutter.

The solution to this "Cause for Stealth Clutter" is an attitude change about how long something actually takes. When we are rushing around like maniacs, we need to remind ourselves that a 30 second pause to pick up something, or to put something away will have NO impact on our time in the long run, but will have ENORMOUS impact on our clutter.

NEXT MONTH: What to do when somebody else is the Clutter Culprit


If you have a book in your heart, don't procrastinate in writing it. You never know what adventures it will bring.

I just did a taping for a new Reality NBC TV show called Starting Over. In most cities, it's on during the day. They put 6 women together in a house in Chicago and help them re-invent their lives. I was honored go for a one-time visit as a Procrastination Coach
for one woman.

Now, my one hour and 45 minute taping might be cut down to one minute or might be cut out altogether, but it was really, really exciting and interesting.

Also, this month Bruce and I fly to Guatemala. My client, Roberto, read THE PROCRASTINATOR'S HANDBOOK and is bringing us down so I can speak to the Young Entrepreneurs Organization. After the seminar, Roberto has graciously invited us to stay for a few extra days and he will show us around his beautiful country.

This book has brought so much new adventure to our lives. I thank God every day for its success.