June 2003 Anticrastination Tip Sheet

What's the opposite of Procrastination?
An Idea and Tip Sheet to Blast Away the
Procrastination Habit
From Rita Emmett
& THE PROCRASTINATING CHILD: A Handbook for Adults to Help 
Children Stop Putting Things Off


     If it feels as if it's been a while since you received an ANTICRASTINATION TIP SHEET, it's because we skipped the month of May.
     With less than 19 days notice, we were invited to "work" on a cruise to Bermuda, so in the rush to get things in order before leaving, I decided that I’d write the May newsletter when we returned on May 4, but we came home early because we received the shocking heartbreaking news that my brother Tom passed away. (very suddenly)
     The ship was docked in Bermuda, and in less than two hours it would depart to return to New York. With a lot of help from the cruise staff, and a lot of racing, we packed, went through customs, immigration and de-embarkation, then literally ran down the gangplank at 3:14 of a Celebrity Cruise ship that pulled up the plank in front of our eyes and departed at 3:15. It was amazing cooperation on their part.. 
     Tom and his wife Patty have been watching their new house be built since last fall. We've been enthusiastic about seeing photos of its progress. They closed on Wed., April 30 and he went to his old house to pick up the dog, while Patty drove to their new house to meet with the movers. Tom had a heart attack.
     He never even got to sleep in his new home.
     Patty is in a new house, in a new town with new neighbors. Please keep her in your prayers.
     Tom was a funny, caring, smart, good man. We had a lot of wonderful times together. He was loved as a husband, father, grandfather and I was lucky to have him as my big brother and to get together with him as often as we did.
     This past month, many people have told me that they envied the time we spent together. It was a conscious decision we had made when our kids were little, the idea that spending time with family is important. I’m so grateful for that decision and for those times.

Quote For June

Do not weep for what is lost, rejoice for what you have been given.


     For this Tip Sheet, here is an excerpt from the last chapter of The Procrastinator’s Handbook (published two years ago). Once you stop procrastinating about your chores and tasks, the next level is to stop putting off time for joy in your life.

     As we speed through life, living on the edge at a faster and faster pace, we need to stop and:

  • review our values
  • connect with people
  • decide the direction of our lives and how we want to spend our time, money and energy
  • take care of ourselves and recharge our batteries
  • find time for peace and quiet
  • make room for love in our lives

     Have you put off time for relationships, hopes, dreams?  
     Have you put off time for fun, relaxation, joy?
     If your life is moving at such a fast and hectic speed that you’re not enjoying it, then what are you hurrying toward? What are you working to achieve? When will it get better? When will you enjoy your life?
     When you feel overwhelmed or so frazzled you can't find the energy to do anything, that's when you need to make the time to visit a friend, ride a bike, go fishing, meditate, take a trip to the museum, or go for a walk. 
     How do you do it? The trick is to learn to sandwich the joyful things you want to do between the important things you have to do. It's time to use the to-do list to start (or get back to) a hobby or craft or sport or a musical instrument ... to get out in nature and breathe fresh air ... to meet with friends ... to do something to enrich your life, and in the process, to re-create your energy.
     For example, how often have you thought that you’d like to get together with old friends or spend time with your family and those special people in your life ... but it doesn’t happen. Actually write down on your to-do list ways to connect with people who are important:

  • Send note to Sue
  • Call Joseph
  • Set up breakfast with Lauieann

     By connecting with your priorities and acting on them, you’ll be adding joy to your day and you’ll feel energized. You can then come back to the daily chores with a new zest for life, and a more loving, caring, giving attitude.