March 2003 Anticrastination Tip Sheet

What's the opposite of Procrastination?
An Idea and Tip Sheet to Blast Away the
Procrastination Habit
From Rita Emmett
to Help Children Stop Putting Things Off


Quote For March

A ship in the harbor is safe,
but that's not what ships are made for.


In the next two weeks, six magazines will go on sale that all include in their articles Rita and one of her books, either The Procrastinator's Handbook or The Procrastinating Child.

April issue of Better Homes and Gardens
April 1 issue of Family Circle
April 1 issue of Woman's Day
April issue of Child Magazine
April 15 issue of Woman's World
Premier issue of Lifetime Magazine (affiliated with Lifetime
TV Network)

Also, you can hear (or read) a fun interview Rita did with Randy Gilbert at:


Message For March: Leaving A Legacy

     Many of you are aware of how fond I am of my Literary agent, Jane Jordan Browne.
     From other authors, it's common to hear angry stories about how their agents "ripped them off" or did absolutely nothing for them. Nope, not from me. I have praised my agent to the skies, cherished her friendship & recommended her to every aspiring writer I know, and my plan is to stick with her forever.
     But it's with a broken heart I have to accept that my plan will not be. Jane found out Feb. 11 that she has cancer and although she's tough and a fighter, at this moment she is on the Hospice floor of Northwestern Memorial Hospital, and as of this writing (Feb 24) she is preparing for the end of her journey here on earth.
     I am so touched by hearing the high regard people in the publishing world have for Jane. Not just because she is so warm and funny, hardworking and successful, but because of her legacy she has already established for the writing world.
     Many other writers have echoed the words I've said so often: "Jane believed in me when nobody else did, and she stuck by me." Her hospital room overflows with more flowers than I've ever seen anyone receive. Words of love, friendship and gratitude have flowed from publishers, her fellow agents and other writers.
     This truly is a better world because of Jane Jordan Browne.

     And I find myself thinking, aren't we all called to leave this world a better place than we found it? Aren't we each called to leave a legacy for the benefit of the next generations? Don't we all want to be remembered for SOMETHING?
     When you're near your journey's end, what do you hope people will say about you? Do you imagine them saying something beyond: "He worked many hours" or "She lived a busy life".

     If you have a dream of accomplishing something in your life, what better time to start than now?

  • Do you want to spend time helping children? Maybe spend more time with your own child or perhaps become a mentor, a scout leader or sports coach? (You don't need to have children of your own in order to do this.)
  • Do you want to do something to improve environment?
  • Have you wanted to become involved in politics - either by volunteering to work for someone or by running for office yourself?
  • Have you wanted to help support or improve your local schools, theater, park district or other organization by serving on the board of directors?
  • Do you want to help the homeless, the poor, or some other worthy cause?

     There are hundreds of ways you can enrich this world --- from raising a semi-socially-acceptable child to becoming a millionaire so you can contribute big bucks to your favorite worthwhile endeavor; from sending thank you notes to all the teachers who helped you along the way to establishing an organization to support an important cause. How to start?

     The same way you start with any dream.

  1. Clarify exactly what you want to do.
  2. Select the first step to get it started.
  3. Do something about it today.


INterested In Understanding Dreams? (not the kind mentioned above, the kind that happen when you sleep) Rita has a fun new tape that you're gonna love. It's a presentation she gave in a college classroom that covers these questions:

  • What if I don't Dream?
  • Why don't I remember my dreams?
  • How can I start to remember my dreams?
  • What do dreams mean?

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