February 2003 Anticrastination Tip Sheet

What's the opposite of Procrastination?
An Idea and Tip Sheet to Blast Away the
Procrastination Habit
From Rita Emmett
& THE PROCRASTINATING CHILD: A Handbook for Adults to
Help Children Stop Putting Things Off


Quote For February

Where there is great love there are always miracles.
--- Willa Cather

Bonus Quote
We are not held back by the love we didn't receive in the past, but by the love we're not extending in the present. ---Marianne Williamson, A Return to Love


Rita'S In 5 National MagazInes (& A Web Thing)

Watch for articles that include Rita and one of her books, either The Procrastinator's Handbook or The Procrastinating Child in:

February issue of Health Magazine
April issue of Better Homes & Gardens (comes out mid-March)
April 1 issue of Family Circle
April 1 issue of Woman's Day
April issue of Child Magazine (comes out mid-March)

Also, you can see a fun write up of an interview Rita did with Randy Gilbert at: http://theinsidesuccessshow.com/Guests/Rita_Emmett.htm


Want To Hear Rita Talk About Clutter?

At 3pm on Saturday, Feb 22, Rita will have a one-full-hour radio conversation about ways to end clutter. The show, "Your Vital Health" with Ingrid Johansson is on WLTH (1370 AM Radio) in Chicago.

If you are interested and NOT in the Chicago area, it is also on lots of other radio stations and on cable radio network. (I don't know what that is, but have been reassured that it is a good thing).

Want to ask Ingrid about how to hear Rita? Her email address is: Ingrid@vitalhealthlink.net or call her at 978-840-0817.


February Message
People Who Procrastinate In Being Kind To Themselves Often Become Burn-Outs

You already know that I'm passionate about helping people blast away procrastination - not only because it helps them become more productive personally and professionally, but also because, once the procrastination habit is broken, people tend to feel happier, healthier and more energized.

Ahhhhhh, but I'm on another "mission" as well. You know how some people can work hard and experience stress all day long and they never burn-out while others seem to fall apart over a hangnail?

Well, I am convinced that there are certain secrets and strategies that people can learn to help make themselves "Burn-out proof". And the place to begin is in taking care of yourself.

When I first started talking about this in Keynote Presentations and Training Sessions, a woman in the audience told me that she was raised with the Bible telling her to "Love your neighbor" & she wondered if I was contradicting that. I reminded her that something had been omitted.

The Bible says, "Love your neighbor as yourself." That part that says "...as yourself" tends to be left off by lots of people. When you think about it, we are called to love ourselves with a good, healthy, positive love and THEN we can love our neighbors in the same way.

Many of us reverse that --- we offer way more kindness to our neighbors, friends and family (even strangers) than we do to ourselves. One common example is the way people handle compliments.

Have you ever heard someone receive a compliment such as "Nice blouse" and instead of saying, "thank you" they sputter things like: "Oh, this old rag? It's been hanging in my closet for eight years. I got it at a half-price sale."

Do YOU blow away compliments that way?

When we do that we're treating ourselves much more poorly than we would ever treat others. Could you imagine yourself saying the same thing to others that you say to yourself? Would you consider greeting a friend with "Hi, Mary, I see you're wearing that old rag again. Isn't that the one that's been hanging in your closet for eight years? The one you got at the half-price sale?"

Of course you wouldn't. That would be stupid and rude. Yet we put-down ourselves in that way all the time.

To avoid burn-out, you have to start with being a little kinder to yourself, and treating yourself with good, healthy positive self-love.

And what better time to focus on that but the month of St. Valentine's Day. Nuts with wishing someone would offer a loving romantic gesture to you, it's time to give yourself a valentine.

For months I've been asking people "What do you do to be kind to yourself when you need a pick-me-up?" It's a fun question; you might even try asking it of the people around you. You'll be amazed at some of the replies. And now, for YOUR pleasure, here's a sample of some of the replies I received.

24 Do-It-Yourself Valentines To Give To Yourself Anytime, Not Just In February.

  1. Go to a wonderful restaurant either alone or call up a few friends to join you.
  2. Spend time on your hobby. Examples: needlework, model railroad, painting, photography, gardening, wood carving, sewing, scrap-booking.
  3. Play a favorite musical instrument (even if you're not very good at it).
  4. Stay in your jammies all morning or all day long, watching TV re-runs, reading totally useless stuff, or doing nothing.
  5. Get a massage.
  6. Go dancing or take dance lessons.
  7. Buy 5 mystery books at a used bookstore and immerse yourself in your favorite reading.
  8. Send out for pizza, eat it in bed watching a super-duper old movie on TV or reading magazines.
  9. Spend an afternoon at the Art Institute, or a favorite museum.
  10. Send yourself flowers ... with a balloon.
  11. Take a long relaxing bath but first light some candles and put on some soothing music. (Even if it's Rock and Roll that just soothes your soul.)
  12. Cook your favorite meal and enjoy eating it either alone or invite someone over.
  13. Visit the zoo. The animals are lonely and they'll appreciate seeing you.
  14. Take some quiet time for a walk and count your blessings.
  15. Go to a bookstore, have a fancy coffee and buy a book.
  16. Work out at home or at the gym for as long as you like.
  17. Take a nature walk or a hike in the woods.
  18. Play a game with family or friends. (You must know SOMEBODY who likes the same game you do)
  19. Go to a movie. A funny one. Laugh your head off.
  20. Climb the walls at a rock climbing gym.
  21. Make a long distance call to a friend. (It'll probably cost less than if you went out to lunch together.)
  22. Loaf - guilt-free - because you're giving yourself the gift of loafing.

    And these last two I'll leave in the original wording just as they were told to me:
  23. Have cookies and tea while I read something (the newspaper or a novel) to take me mentally away from the tasks that are depressing/overwhelming. I give myself an hour and always put 2-3 cookies on a plate so I don't eat the whole box.
  24. The best ... well, I couldn't tell you without blushing. (Dear Reader, yes, this one IS from a guy. How did you ever guess?)

If none of the above appeals to you, use these ideas to trigger something that you can do for yourself that you would genuinely enjoy. What is it that "lights you up"? What recharges your battery? What makes you happy?

What obstacle is preventing you from doing it? Is there any way you can overcome that obstacle? Are you simply making up excuses or (heaven forbid) procrastinating? Stop putting it off. Do something you genuinely enjoy.

'Tis the month of kindness and love; 'tis the month of loving gifts and loving gestures. It's time to give yourself a valentine. You KNOW you deserve it, don't you?


"Ohhhhhhhhhh Canada, My Home And Native Land...

Rita will be in Toronto for a book tour including several TV appearances, a talk, & book signings. More appearances will be added, but as we go to print, her schedule so far is:

7:15 to 7:20 AM
CITY TV, Breakfast Television LOCAL
LIVE television interview with Liza Frommer.

11 AM to Noon
LIVE TV interview with Nat Hunter & Anthony Reagan. 

1 to 2 PM
LIVE television interview with Mary Ito

9:15 AM
Taped television interview with
Lisa LaFlamme

11 AM
Taped national syndicated radio interview

Afternoon Drop-in signings at downtown
Toronto bookstores

7 PM
Speech and book signing at
Richview Baptist Church
Location: 1548 Kipling Avenue,
Contact: Darryl Dash
Work: 416.247.8701 ext. 224
Home: 416.503.9083
Pager: 416.945.1500