April 2009

From Rita Emmett
A Handbook for the Overworked, Overscheduled & Overwhelmed


Quotes for April
When you change the way you think about things, the things you think about change.
---- attributed to Wayne Dyer

Life tends to respond to our outlook & shape itself to our expectations
--- Rich DeVos, co-founder of AMWAY

Mychalís Prayer
Lord, take me where You want me to go;
Let me meet who You want me to meet;
Tell me what You want me to say,
and Keep me out of Your way. Amen
--- attributed to Father Mychal Judge, priest killed in 9/11 tower collapse


Message from Rita

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And now, here are 10 tips for when you feel overwhelmed with too much to do & you need to do SOMETHING to get organized.


  1. Make a giant list of everything that HAS to get done in the next few months.
  2. From that, make a list of what HAS to get done in the next month.
  3. Select from the above lists what must be accomplished this week.
  4. Every evening or morning (depending on your best time for thinking clearly) take a post-it and write on it 5 things you want to accomplish that day (these will be some of the many steps that TOGETHER will achieve the bigger goals on the above lists).
  5. Identify your 5 to 10 Most Important Activities. What are the really important activities that you must do to achieve your goals (whether those goals are higher income, happy family, productivity, learn to play the tuba, become more confident, eliminate clutter, whatever.)
  6. Print the above in BIG FONT and post where you can see it every day.
  7. Just as important, identify your time wasters. Actually write a Do NOT Do List. It might include long phone calls with people you donít want to or donít need to talk to, playing computer games, rummaging through stacks of paper in search of something important, reading goofy emails with poems, jokes or stuff that "must be sent to 859 people within the next 30 seconds or youíll have bad luck for the next 99 years", etc.
  8. Print the above in BIG FONT and post where you can see it every day.
  9. Every day, process 5 pieces of paper clutter. Process means put it where it belongs; or create a place for it to belong & put it there; or best of all, get rid of it.
  10. Pick one spot of clutter in your house and every day process 3 pieces of clutter. Process here means the same as above.

Doing these 10 simple steps will help you move into springtime feeling like you have a plan and knowing what the next step is to bring organization into your life.

The Project Lists will give you clarity about what you must take care of immediately and what can be put off for a while. The Activity and Do-NOT-Do Lists will help keep you focused on how you should (and should not) be spending your time.

Together these will help you stay on track, even if you tend to have problems keeping your attention on tasks.

Happy April!


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