July 2008 Anticrastination Tip Sheet
From Rita Emmett
Author of The Procrastinator's Handbook
and The Clutter-Busting Handbook


Quotes For Clutter Busting

Life is not a having and getting, but a being and a doing --- anonymous

There is an immediate emotional and psychological payoff to getting our houses in order. --
Sarah Ban Breathnach

Not what we have, but what we enjoy, constitutes our abundance. --- John Petit-Senn

Love people and use things; not the other way around. ~~ anonymous


Message from Rita

When Gifts Become Clutter

If you are surrounded by stuff, especially stuff you don't need or use (sometimes referred to as "clutter"), start with figuring out how it comes into your life. Can you put a boundary on it?

We're not just talking about putting limits on charge cards or waiting three days before making a purchase. To stop the flow of clutter into your life calls for some serious creative problem solving.

For example, do you have clutter because people give you gifts? Here's a question: when you give a gift, do you expect the recipient to make a lifetime commitment to that gift? If not, then why do you think you have to make a lifetime commitment to every gift you receive?

Also, isn't there some way you can change the quality or quantity of the gifts coming your way? By quality, we don't mean cost of the gift, we mean is there a way to make the change from stuff you DON'T need or use, to stuff you DO need or use?

Maybe you can change the type of gift. such as suggesting a gift certificate to the movies, a bookstore or a favorite restaurant, or maybe a membership to a gym, museum, or zoo.

Another example: Bruce and I are in a family that has a grab bag at Christmas time. One month before the holiday, everyone is invited to send suggestions for what they would like to receive.

We both decided we really have all we need, so we asked for a contribution to one of our favorite charities, The Heifer Project. This is an organization where you can donate any amount of money and it goes towards providing a pair of animals to a poor family in a poverty-stricken country. The animals provide eggs or milk or labor to help improve the quality of life for the family. The plan is that when the animals have babies, the family presents the offspring to another needy family in a village. So even the smallest of contributions can have a profound impact on a whole village.

When it came time for everyone to open their grab bag gift on Christmas day, all 36 members of our family gathered. In their usual style, everyone opened their gifts at once, with lots of noise, ripping of paper, showing of gifts, shouting "Look what I got" and general pandemonium.

In the midst of the chaos, Bruce called out, "I got a water buffalo."

There was dead silence. Never had this family quieted down so quickly. A ten-year old broke the stunned silence with, "I'll bet there's a story behind that gift." Everyone laughed.

Since then, several other family members now ask for contributions to their favorite charities. And Bruce no longer receives gifts of items he doesn't need or use (sometimes referred to as "clutter")

With some "Creative Problem Solving" you might come up with some great ideas to help stop the flow of clutter coming into your life.


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A FREE Very Cool Movie or Screen Saver For You

Our new FREE movie / screen saver "Slow Me Down, Lord" combines text, pictures and music to provide you with a relaxing, serene moment. It originated in our "Procrastinator's On-line Course" http://www.procrastinationonline.com and has become so popular, we are sending it off to You Tube.

It goes along perfectly with the message of my new book that will be out in December, Manage Your Time To Reduce Your Stress: A Handbook for the Overworked, Overscheduled and Overwhelmed. Also, it features music by one of my favorites, Joanie Madden of "Cherish the Ladies".

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Here's a comment from a reader who has already installed "Slow Me Down, Lord" as a screen saver.
Dear Rita,
I'm sitting here with tears in my eyes after watching your screen saver of "Slow Me Down Lord". And I know it's also in your online course. Please tell Joanie Madden, the flautist, that her music sounds like an angel.
Anytime I find myself feeling rushed or frantic, I will go back to this screen saver and listen to it and really take in every word again.
Barbara Tuttle


Update On Email Purge

Back in our March Tip Sheet, I admitted to you that I seem to have accumulated a large number of emails. This admission was the result of a rather abusive speech hurled at me by web goddess Mickey (those of you who have interacted with her think she is wonderful and gentle --- and she is, but she can be very techno-tough.) about how could a person who doesn't have clutter in her life have so many emails.

There were threats, intimations, tears and a flaming sword involved so I researched and came up with great tips (to re-read, click here ) for me... and you... to clear our over-burdened email-boxes.

Then I made a public humiliating promise to you that I would purge my emails, and invited all of you to join me.

So here's my update. I have worked hard reading, sorting, filing and deleting and am now up to the year 1989. Well, perhaps I exaggerate --- since I didn't have a computer in 1989 --- but just want you to know I have eliminated lots of emails... and still have lots to go.
How are you doing????

If you've meant to streamline and scale down your email mailbox, but haven't started yet, and you want to break your procrastination habit, then this is the perfect time to start eliminating that habit. You can finally begin living your life the way you want to.

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