May 2008 Tip Sheet

From Rita Emmett


Spring Quotes

Remember you are responsible for creating your life by every thought, action, choice. Choose well.
-- Anonymous

Success means we go to sleep at night knowing that our talents and abilities were used in a way that served others.
-- Marianne WIlliamson

Simplify your life. You do not need all the clutter you are holding on to. Get rid of it now. Keep around you only the things that give you energy.
-- John-Roger

Message from Rita

Like most Americans, Bruce and I feel that no matter what you think about the war or about politics, we all need to support our troops. So he and I do what we can in many ways (see the photo on the home page of our web site --- --- with a group of military guys holding copies of The Procrastinator's Handbook that we included along with other stuff in a care package.)

How about you? Would YOU like to know

  • a super way to do something wonderful for our soldiers
  • a green way to help the environment AND
  • a simple way to get rid of clutter?

Sounds just right for you?
But Wait! There's more!
It takes hardly any time, effort or trouble.
(You're gonna love this)
It's Free!

Here's the story. When I present training sessions or keynotes at conferences, sometimes we get to the subject of clutter. Invariably, people ask what to do with old tech-stuff once they've upgraded, and the most common question is how and where to dispose of old cell phones.

Last week, I opened a package of products I'd ordered from a catalog, and inside - among other things --- was a little plastic bag / envelop.  Printed on it were the words "Cell Phones for Soldiers: Our Mission - To Help Our Troops Call Home"

You put your old cell phone and battery into the plastic bag, seal it and drop it in the mail. Postage is already paid. WOW! Pretty cool, huh?

I thought --- I'm patriotic, I care about the environment, I help people get rid of clutter. This is PERFECT for me.

So I started searching, went to and discovered that "The Cell Phones for Soldiers" program was started in 2004 by 13-year-old Brittany Bergquist and her 12-year-old brother Robbie of Norwell, MA.

Through donations and the recycling of used cell phones, Brittany and Robbie have already distributed thousands of calling cards to soldiers around the globe.

Cell Phones for Soldiers hopes to turn old cell phones into more than 12 million minutes of prepaid calling cards for U.S. troops stationed overseas in 2008.

This is fantastic. Kids are doing this! So I ordered hundreds of bag/envelopes, and asked how much I owed.

They are free! (Of course I'll make a donation.)

Starting today, we will enclose these bags inside every shipment of products ordered from our web site and every packet of information that people request if they are considering me as a speaker for their business, organization, association or conference.

If you want a bag for yourself or a bunch of bags to give to your family, friends or co-workers, go to and request as many as you like. They won't ask you for a donation. But you can make one if you want.

Feel free to pass this on to everyone you know (but please include my bio listed below), It's a great solution to the problem of cell phones cluttering up our landfills or our homes.

In fact, let's give even greater value and include more helpful tips for you that I found listed in the February copy of "O The Oprah Magazine" for where to recycle:

appliances =
business clothing =
computers =
electronics =
eyeglasses =
floppy disks & video tapes =
formal dresses =
packing peanuts =
paint =
tires =

This Tip Sheet is a keeper, don't you agree? It's spring! Time to get rid of your big ol' klunky clutter. Happy Clutter-Busting!


SPECIAL for June

So many of you have emailed to tell us how much you love our new flash movie / screen saver called Slow Me Down, Lord.

It's a peaceful, soothing poem by an unknown writer that was developed for our Procrastinator's Online Course Our Course Designer Ed Evans put the poem to beautiful photos, accompanied by the most gorgeous music you've ever heard played by Joanie Madden, one of the world's top flute players.

You can view it or have a copy free of charge simply by going here Hope you enjoy it as much as I do. It touches my heart.

And of course if you want to blast away your procrastination habit, you might want to treat yourself to the Procrastinator's Online Course. (For more info, go to We are hearing from people that within a week of getting started with the course, they are completing things that they have put off forever.

Funny PS:
I have a friend named Randy who is a super achiever, very successful, very focused, go go go.

He told us that he watched "Slow Me Down Lord" -- loved it, but the beginning dragged, he wished he could speed it along. Like maybe it needs a fast-forward button.

When I mentioned it to web goddess Mickey, she said we should develop a special screen saver for him called "Slow Me Down Lord, But Do It Quickly"

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~