August 2007 Anticrastination Tip Sheet

What's the opposite of Procrastination?
An Idea and Tip Sheet to Blast Away the
Procrastination Habit
From Rita Emmett


Words Of Praise For: The Clutter-Busting Handbook

Hi Rita,
I'm almost all the way through your clutter book. And, I am proud to say, it inspired me. I went shopping for new clothes the other day and knew I needed to make room in my closet. So, I did the old, "Have I worn this in the past year?" test and filled a large garbage bag for charity. Then, I read more of your book and realized that I didn't go far enough. So, I went back into my closet for the next hour and reorganized it. I also filled another larger garbage bag with additional items. Better still, I now have a $500 tax deduction. And I love how organized my closet looks. I know EXACTLY where everything is and will no longer search in panic mode. Yeah!
--Rob Sullivan, author of Getting Your Foot In the Door When You Don't Have Leg to Stand On


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Tuesday, August 28 at 7 PM (Chicago Time)
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Message From Rita
 It's Summertime, Cluttertime, Sum - Sum - Clutter Time

Did you ever notice how clutter seems to double and triple during the lazy days of summer?

  • the car looks like a small third world nation is using it as a traveling dining room.
  • the heady fragrance of mildew wafts from soggy swimsuits and water gear tucked or dropped in odd places.
  • the back yard is sprouting rakes, toys, shovels, and bikes everywhere.
  • and the Clutter Gremlins must be visiting your children while they sleep because no child could possibly own as many toys as are scattered through the house, yard and car.

Clutter isn't an illness; it's simply a habit. And by adding a new habit or two to your family life, you'll see your clutter evaporate AND you'll teach your children to become Clutter-Busters.

The first step in these habits is deciding where things should be put. "A place for everything ..."

Also, you may need to begin some new Family Rules, such as if someone's stuff is found where it doesn't belong, you get to decide its fate. For example, first offense, maybe you keep it for a few days, then return it.

But after a second or third time, you might decide to keep it for a month (or even to get rid of it completely)

They will "test" to see if your new rules are real. You have to be tough at the beginning.

Car Clutter

  • Put a large wastebasket in the garage for car trash. If no garage, tuck grocery plastic bags under the car seat for trash.
  • At the end of each trip, remind everyone to gather what doesn't belong in the car.
  • If you like to keep barrettes, scrunchies and small toys handy in the car, provide small containers. At the end of each trip, put everything in its place.

Wet Clutter

  • Assign and announce a place for everything to go. Make it easy and handy.
  • Maybe swimsuits go right in the washer or draped over the side of the tub; maybe water toys go in a box outside the door or into a tub.
  • Offer a reward (favorite snack, trip to the movies or mall, new game) to everyone who puts away their wet gear for a week without being reminded.

Yard Clutter

  • Keep all yard and garden stuff together in one designated spot.
  • Fix or repair broken tools; if you don't have time to fix it now, you never will. Get rid of it.
  • Set a timer for 5 minutes, gather up and put away the tools. If others have toys or stuff scattered around, make a new house rule: No TV, computer, phone time (or whatever that person loves) till they do the 5 minute "blitz". You'll be amazed at what you can accomplish in five minutes.

Toy Clutter

  • Make it easy for them to "contain" their toys
  • Assign places for toys to belong
  • If there are TOO MANY, take strong steps. Toss broken or incomplete toys. Donate ones your children no longer use. If STILL too many, pack some away for a rainy or sick day.
  • Or just have "Pack Away Days" where the kids get to pick out 3 toys, games or books that were packed away but they have to give items to replace those that were packed away.
  • Set the timer for 25 minutes and everybody "blitz" - race through the house picking up stuff and putting it where it belongs. When time's up, everyone join in for a special treat - a trip to the pool, fixings for a hot fudge sundae, a special surprise DVD.

You know that YOU feel much better when there's less clutter. Well, guess what? Your family does, too. By introducing a few new rules and habits, you can eliminate a whole bunch of that jumbled up stuff and you'll all feel lighter, freer and way more energized.