April 2007 Anticrastination Tip Sheet

What's the opposite of Procrastination?
An Idea and Tip Sheet to Blast Away the
Procrastination Habit
From Rita Emmett


Quote for April

We are at our very best, and we are happiest, when we are fully engaged in work we enjoy on the journey toward the goal we've established for ourselves. It gives meaning to our time off and comfort to our sleep. It makes everything else in life so wonderful, so worthwhile.
- Earl Nightingale


Want to meet Rita?

Almost all of Rita's presentations are for corporations and therefore, they are not open to the public. So when an organization does sponsor one of her programs and opens it to the public, it's not unusual that people drive for hours or pay the plane fare to hear her. And even when her talk is only an hour long, the organization sponsoring it usually charges a fairly high entrance fee. Well, here's a chance to hear a 2-hour program by Rita at a bargain price, And everyone is welcome.

"Recovered Pack Rat" Rita Emmett will present
"CONQUER CLUTTER" as a fund-raiser
April 22, from 2 till 4pm
Irish American Heritage Center
4626 North Knox Avenue
Chicago. IL
Admission is $7.00 and a book signing will follow.
Call 773-282-7035 to register and for directions.


Message from Rita

Hearing from our readers:
a good deed, a recipe, "the secret" and questions

Dear Rita,
Thanks for all the good suggestions in your Feb. Tip Sheet. Valentine's Day is my birthday so I decided to give someone a present. I baked brownies and made homemade seasoned oyster crackers the night before. I then dropped them off at the fire station down the block from my house. I had planned to do it at Christmas and didn't. I loved the look on the two young, (and I do mean young) fire fighters who answered the door. I was gone before they could ask who I was. I smiled about it all day.
Susan Kenyon

Dear Readers,
In our never-ending quest to keep you caught up on the latest trends, I DID ask Susan "What the heck are Seasoned Oyster Crackers"? Here's her reply:

Place in a large brown paper bag and shake:
2 bags of oyster crackers (I use the large crackers by Keebler)
2 packages of dry Hidden Valley Ranch salad dressing
2 teaspoons dill
1 teaspoon garlic powder
1 teaspoon lemon-pepper
Heat 1 cup oil (I used Canola) and pour slowly over crackers in bag.
Shake well. I transfer this to another bag to help drain some of the
oil. I also use a spatula to loosen any seasoning stuck to the bottom
of the bag.
Hope you enjoy. Be careful, they're addicting. Susan Kenyon

Dear Readers,
It's me again. An amazing number of you went to view "The Secret", (the computer movie mentioned in our recent Tip Sheet). And whether you liked it or not, this tells me many of you are seekers of knowledge.

And this tip sheet aims to please. So to continue our never-ending quest, we are seeking knowledge FROM you ABOUT you. If you would find time to answer these questions, we would like to know:

  1. On a scale of 1-10 (ten being highest) how would you rate the value you receive from the content of this Tip Sheet?
  2. If less than ten, what changes need to be made to the Tip Sheet to rate a 10?
  3. Do you read every issue?
  4. When you are extremely busy, do you place enough value on this Tip Sheet that you make time to read it...or do you scan and delete?
  5. If you could wave a magic wand and have what you need to help you in your journey to blast away procrastination or conquer your clutter, what would you want?
  • More Products (books, CDs, DVDs)?
  • Reminders sent to you regularly or occasionally from Rita?
  • A program with weekly or monthly input (like a Conquer Clutter Club)?
  • A screen saver?
  • A calendar?
  • Posters with quotes to inspire you?
  • A message board to communicate with others working on the same issues you are?
  • A blog?
  • One single teleseminar or a series of them?

We know how busy you are, and would be so grateful if you would hit reply and send us your answers to these questions. Thank you.
Happy Springtime.