March 2007 Anticrastination Tip Sheet

What's the opposite of Procrastination?
An Idea and Tip Sheet to Blast Away the
Procrastination Habit
From Rita Emmett


Question for March

What are your favorite tips for managing computer clutter such as email, word documents, photos, downloaded files, etc.?



Do I really get a 50% reimbursement when someone that I send to your web page buys a product?
Yes, just make sure they use the magic link that Web goddess Mickey sends them.

What's the time limit on the magic link?
No time limit. If they buy something 5 years from now, you'll still get a check at the end of the month for 50% of what they purchased ... as long as they use the magic link.

Can I send as many friends as I want?

What if I use the magic link for items that I buy from your web page for myself?
Same deal. You get 50% of the purchase price sent back to you at the end of the month.

So that means I'm buying all your products at a 50% discount. What if I want to buy a big bunch of your books? Do I get half the cost reimbursed?
Yep, as long as you use the magic link Mickey gives you.

So I could buy your books and CDs at half price and give them as gifts to my friends and clients?

Could I buy your books & CDs at half price, sell them at full price and keep the profit?

That's a very generous deal.

How can you do that?
We are very, very nice people.

I love your CDs and books. How do I get to them from here?
Go to our web site which is very cleverly named and click on "Learning Resources." Everything there is included in the Affiliate Program..

How do I sign up with the Affiliate Program?
There is a "sign up" link here:

Don't procrastinate. Do it now.



To our readers outside the US, you can just delete this. We apologize for this message that leaves you out, but procrastination at Income Tax Time in the US is overwhelming.

Nine Tips Procrastinators Can Do NOW to Ease Frantic, Frazzled Pain of Doing Your Income Tax

  1. Gather together all the papers you need (W2 form, receipts, bank statements, medical bills, interest reports) Put everything in one spot - in a basket, shoe box, file folder - anything that will hold your papers.
  2. Decide who will do your taxes this year:
  • You?
  • Family member or friend?
  • Professional?
  1. If YOU will do your taxes, write a list TODAY of what you need to gather, borrow or purchase to do the job:
  • forms
  • software
  • advice from someone
  • calculator
  1. Start to gather, borrow or purchase what you need
  2. Decide WHEN you will do your taxes. Pick a date and mark it on your calendar. Honor that date as if it were a doctor or dentist appointment. (Ohhhhhh nooooooo --- you've been putting those off, too? Don't feel guilty - we'll tackle that another time. For now, just think about doing your taxes.)
  3. When the date arrives, clear a spot on your desk or table, round up pen, pencil, the papers you've been gathering, and everything else youneed. Get comfortable and dig in for one hour. Then take a break. Keep working and taking breaks till you are done.
  4. If a family member, friend or professional will do your taxes, call and set an appointment TODAY. You don't need to set a date soon. If you prefer to do the work closer to the April 15 deadline, fine, but make the appointment TODAY and mark it on your calendar. OR learn how to have your computer send you a reminder. If you are getting a refund, ask for an appointment as early as possible. So what if you're breaking a family tradition of frantically chasing around on April 14 with your blood pressure soaring and your nerves frayed, It is your money. You might as well get it into your hands ASAP.
  5. Whether you are doing your own taxes or not, write a list NOW of everything you need to do. If doing it yourself. there are particular things (listed in #3) you have to collect, but either way you also have to make decisions, set dates, and set a place to accumulate your papers. Then tape the list near the bathroom mirror or some place you'll see it every day.
  6. When your work is done - whether you did it yourself or delivered everything to someone else to do your taxes, give yourself a reward. You deserve it. Then on April 15, when you hear about all the frantic, frazzled people racing to get their taxes done on time, you can laugh at them and feel smugly superior.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!