September 2017
The Anticrastination Tip Sheet

From Rita Emmett
Author of The Procrastinator’s Handbook and
The Clutter-Busting Handbook

I can sit by a lake for an hour and do nothing. 
It's like a dream time for me. It organizes my soul. 
--- Diane Sawyer, journalist

Message from Rita

Are You an "I Wanna' Do It All" Procrastinator? 

One of the many reasons people procrastinate and put off what they want to do is that they want to do everything. And they want to do it all at once. They want the impossible. 

Some "I Wanna' Do It All" procrastinators are highly energetic and ambitious, although not necessarily driven by money. Some are on the fast track. Some are struggling to survive after a "downsizing" and are doing the work of two or three people. Some are volunteers who receive no pay but work as hard as anyone else. Some have limitations and are frustrated by all that they cannot do. And some simply want to do 101 things and get so overwhelmed … they end up doing nothing.

And the pressure & frantic feeling doesn't end when the "I Wanna' Do It All" people leave work. They have a ton of things to do at home and a briefcase packed with papers.

·       But they have no time for family.
No time for friends.
No time for fun.
·       No time for a life.

I heard a cute story about a little first grader who asked her daddy why mommy brings so much work from the office to do at home. Her father explained that mommy can't get it finished during her workday. The six-year old asked, "Well, why don't they just move her to a slower group?" 

Maybe a slower group's not possible, but why are we all so busy? One can't help but wonder -- is it possible that being busy is the new status symbol of our age?
"You think you're busy, let me tell you about all that I'm involved in."
Have you ever received one of those Christmas letters from someone listing all the activities of the kids? Then, each paragraph opens with a "busy-ness" statement. 
"The Husband, he's a busy guy, too..." 
"And me? I'm sure keeping busy..." 

It's almost as if being busy equals being successful. "Let me tell you how busy I am so you'll know how very, very well I'm doing." 

One effective solution for the "I Wanna' Do It All" procrastinator is to start talking to yourself … though not necessarily out loud.
Every time you shift into high gear, tell yourself you can't do everything.
It's time to be selective.
Time to delegate.
Time to eliminate.
Time to streamline.
Time to choose your battles.
Time to prioritize.
Decide what IS important and tell yourself, "This is important to finish. The other stuff will have to be put on the back burner." 

You’ve read over and over how important it is to make a "to do list". Now make up a list of what NOT to do - all those unimportant activities and time-wasters that can take up so much of your time. Just because you wanna do it all doesn’t mean you have to … or even that it’s possible to do it all.

Give yourself a break. Try cutting back on something and see if you don’t discover some extra time for fun, family, friends … for LIFE.

If you don’t time for yourself to enjoy life now, when will you?

A message from one of our perceptive readers.

Dear Rita,
Thanks for the difference you've made in many lives (like mine) you've touched with kindness and humor and the knowledge to get us going to a more serenity filled life. You've moved along our procrastination and changed our cluttered lives one smile and Aha! moment at a time and I thank you.
From one of your loyal fans!
Renée Fjelstad


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