May 2016
The Anticrastination Tip Sheet

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In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing, the next best thing is the wrong thing, and the worst thing you can do is nothing. ~~ Theodore Roosevelt

Either you decide to stay in the shallow end of the pool or you go out in the ocean. ~~ Christopher Reeve, Actor

The indispensable first step to getting the things you want out of life is this: decide what you want. ~~ Ben Stein

Message from Rita


Have you ever heard someone (maybe you) say they never had time to travel or learn to play the guitar or start a business or write a book?

Since we all get the same number of hours in a day, how is it that some people find time to reach goals and make their dreams come true and some don’t?

Amazingly, it’s hardly ever a matter of time. More often it’s that we simply never make the decision.
Once that decision is made, it might take a bunch of steps to get there, but at least you are heading in the right direction. The next step might simply be to find a guitar teacher or track down good business info or outline that book.

And it might mean taking months or years to work toward whatever you decided on. Our son and his family dreamed of going on a trip with us to Ireland. They made the decision to spend two years saving, researching, budgeting, and planning because they didn’t know where they wanted to go and couldn’t afford it at that time. (We didn’t pay for them because we have four other kids…. you know how that goes)

The fact that they needed time to save turned out to be a blessing. During those two years, the four kids were encouraged to select where we’d go. They would research, then had to “sell” the rest of us on their choice. By the time we went for our 3-week trip, all 4 kids were teen-agers, AND were not bored --- because they were interested and invested “experts” in the places they had “sold” us on.

That trip was a dream-come-true for all of us. And it started with a decision.

Maybe you find it hard to make decisions. Instead of struggling with biggies such as “Should I switch careers?” begin with something small such as … oh… I dunno…maybe …. CLUTTER?

Do you ever find yourself saying you don’t have time to tackle all those areas of clutter in your life? But we can all find time for social media, games, TV, and chilling out, can’t we? Isn’t it true we can always make time for what is important?

So it’s a matter of deciding to do something about your clutter, and then deciding to put aside 15 or 30 minutes to clutter-bust at a certain time. Then deciding to do it at that time.

If it’s truly a struggle making decisions, realize and accept the fact that we don’t have a crystal ball… we don’t know the future.

If a decision turns out to be a mistake, it’s very likely that you’ll survive. Let me throw one more quote at you. It’s by one of my favorite authors, Anonymous: “The person who never makes a mistake probably isn’t doing anything”.

Here’s your Call to Action: Think about those things you’d love to do but don’t have time, and see if you can make one decision today to move you closer to getting there.


Hi Rita! By the way your last name, Emmet, in Hebrew means truth. You speak the truth, and I think that you are God sent.
Your advice in The Procrastinator’s Handbook and your tips about rewards really work. I’ve learned to associate the desired outcome (studying), with pleasure (my reward). I used to do the exact opposite. I would watch TV, play chess or drink coffee and then try to study. In this way I was making myself associate studying with the END of pleasure.
I've been putting thought into your process and it is just so smart, really easy to understand and put into use, and works on so many levels.
Thanks again. I would love to meet you one day.

Dear Readers,
Several of you have recently asked why I don't come to your area to speak so we can meet each other. Here's the story.
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HOWEVER, if you send me contact info and introduce me to someone looking for speakers for conferences or training sessions, I will call them. If they end up booking me to give a talk, I will send you a check for $250.

Thank you again to the many readers who have introduced me to your companies, associations and individuals who booked me to speak. It was great fun meeting you in person.

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