September 2015
The Anticrastination Tip Sheet
From Rita Emmett
Author of The Procrastinator's Handbook and
The Clutter-Busting Handbook
Manage Your Time To Reduce Your Stress

“The only kind of clothes you should have in your closet are clothes that fit you, clothes you look great in, and clothes that garner you tons of compliments when you wear them. Don’t have 'wish' clothes in your closet. Those clothes exist for only one reason: to mock you.” ~~ Peter Walsh

If you don’t have enough room for all your stuff, you don’t need more room, you need less stuff. ~~ Rita Emmett, The Clutter-Busting Handbook

Ask yourself “If I were shopping right now, would I buy this? ~~ The Clutter-Busting Handbook

Anything you cannot relinquish when it has outlived its usefulness possesses you, and in this materialistic age a great many of us are possessed by our possessions.
~~ Peace Pilgrim (Mildred Lisette Norman)

Message from Rita

Dear Readers,
Is your closet so jam-packed that you can move a hanger only a quarter of an inch (if that much)? Did you ever notice that when your closet is that crowded, you wear the same 8 to 12 outfits over and over?

BUT once you clear out the clothes you never wear, you not only discover  great items that you forgot you had, but you also are then able to wear everything in your closet, not just the same things repeatedly.

Many people say with the forgotten clothes they discovered, it feels as if they went on a fun shopping spree.. without spending a penny.

When you decide to attack your closet, here are:


  1. Pack a bag of clothes to donate. Then let the bag sit for days …weeks … months.
    TIP: I used to do the same thing … and felt pitiful and pathetic every time I walked past that bag. If you can’t get yourself to bring it to where it belongs, ask someone to help you …. Simply by taking your bag away.
  2. No handy clothes hamper so you smash dirty (sweaty?) clothes back into the closet and when you need to wear it … it’s not wear-able.
    TIP: um… maybe a box or small clothes hamper near the closet?
  3. Keep clothes you never wear that need repair because you will “fix it” later.
    TIP: If it’s been hanging there for six months or more and you STILL haven’t fixed it, become a big, strong warrior and either fix it today or get rid of it.
  4. Keep clothes you never wear that are out-of-style because they might come back in style …some day.
    TIP: Seriously?? Do you think IF that style came back, it would be the same as before? Has that EVER happened?
  5. Keep clothes you never wear because you might need them as a costume… some day.
    TIP: If you truly do wear costumes to parties, on stage, or … um … I have no idea where else…either pack away in a “Costume Box” or donate to a theater. But DON’T let them take up valuable closet space.
  6. Keep clothes you never wear because they bring back memories.
    TIP: Put all your “Happy Memory” items in a pile. Since our memories are in our hearts and minds, see if you can get rid of most of them and still enjoy the memory.
    If you absolutely HAVE to keep them, pack them away in a box. Better yet…take pictures and keep them on your computer.
  7. Keep clothes you never wear because you are going to lose weight and wear them again.
    TIP: Ah… the joy of living in a unicorn rainbow-filled world. Now come back to reality and look at those old, outdated, faded clothes.
    Keep a few (very few) things you absolutely love and look fabulous in, and donate the others so someone can wear them before they are certified as antiques.
  8. No organization -- so your shoes are jumbled all over and you are constantly searching for mates.
    TIP: Get rid of the ones you never wear and organize the rest with a system of either boxes or by making or buying a shoe organizer.
  9. No organization -- so you are constantly rummaging through everything on a quest for what you hope to wear.
    TIP: Group them. Either put all shirts together, slacks together, etc.
    Or all professional clothes on one side and “grubbies” on the other.
    Or color code them.
    Not only does this help you find what you want, but if might help you to decide NOT to buy that 18th pair of black slacks.
  10. No organization -- so your clothes are wrinkled and all smashed together.
    TIP: Try to figure out a way to hang one bar above another so you have a “two-tier” system for hanging clothes. If this is beyond you, no need to feel like a Worthless Worm. Simply review the previous tips and pick one thing to begin with. OR read The Clutter-Busting Handbook for more help.

Did you notice that some of the above “Mistakes” began with “Keep clothes you never wear…?” Shouldn’t that be a tip-off to you?? If you never wear them, THEN WHY ARE YOU KEEPING THEM???
Sorry for yelling, I just wanted to make sure that thought got securely crammed into your mind.

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Happy Clutter-Busting,


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