May 2015
The Anticrastination Tip Sheet
From Rita Emmett
Author of The Procrastinator's Handbook and
The Clutter-Busting Handbook

If you aim at nothing, you’re sure to hit it. ~~ unknown

A PLAN is WHAT you're going to do.
A SCHEDULE is WHEN you're going to do it.
If you don't SCHEDULE your PLAN
it may NEVER get DONE. ~~ Rita Emmett

Every moment spent planning
saves three or four in execution. ~~ Crawford Greenwalt

If you do not know where you are going,
every road will get you nowhere. ~~ Henry Kissinger

Message from Rita

Dear Readers,
Did you notice a theme in the quotes above? They all mention making a PLAN. Let's explore a few thoughts on PLANS.

Sometimes .... no matter how much we plan, it doesn't work. For example, last month we had a TeleClass on clutter. I planned everything ahead of time, including what we would cover based on comments and questions received from the people who registered.

AND I promised everyone who registered that they'd receive a download of the one-hour class... all for free. Next I planned and even practiced with the recording equipment.

Then as the class began, (and this will NOT surprise anyone who knows me) I pushed ... not the button I used during my practice runs.... but a different one.

A wrong one. Good plan. Sadly ....didn't work.

So all I could think to do afterwards was to apologize, promise I'll run another TeleClass in June, and send a recording of THAT class to all the participants of that June class as well as of last month's class.

BUT several participants from that TeleClass emailed that they were ready to get going on their clutter, and wanted me to send them a copy of all the things I urged them to do as a plan BEFORE they even begin clutter-busting. And I did send it to them.

However, it hits me that if that list is so important to them, then I'll share it with you also.

SO, when you seriously decide to attack your clutter, before you begin, here is a plan for several steps you can take that will make the job so much easier.

- select one area where you will attack your stacks of stuff. You can't conquer all your clutter at once. If you think of doing that you will get discouraged and exhausted. Pick one area -- then pick a small part of that area. (not the whole kitchen, just one counter; not your whole desk, just one corner of it.)

- decide on a person or organization who will love the stuff you give them as much as you do. Designate a spot in the house to put these donations (a box or plastic bag in a closet or garage) so ANY TIME you decide you can get rid of something, you know where to put it.

- if something doesn't have a place to belong, it is automatically clutter. Figure out where stuff will go ahead of time. (Where will auto info go, shoes, school papers to be signed, etc.)

- write this on a post-it and stick it somewhere: IF YOU DON'T HAVE ENOUGH ROOM FOR ALL YOUR STUFF, YOU DON'T NEED MORE ROOM, YOU NEED LESS STUFF.

- set a timer for an hour. Clutter busting includes MAKING DECISIONS and after an hour of decisions, your brain begins to melt down.

- decide on a really nice reward for one hour of clutter busting. Something that will push you to do another hour soon.

- if you will need help making decisions or --- afterwards--- getting rid of bags of trash or donations, ask someone to help you. NOT to actually decide what to get rid of but to encourage YOU to decide to get rid of stuff or to simply cart away bags of your stuff.

Hope you try one or all of this "Pre-Clutter-Busting Planning" because you'll be surprised at how it will help. And for more help with your clutter, read below.

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