March 2013
The Anticrastination Tip Sheet
From Rita Emmett
Author of The Procrastinator's Handbook,
The Clutter-Busting Handbook and
Manage Your Time to Reduce Your Stress: A Handbook for the Overworked, Overscheduled, and Overwhelmed

Quotes For March
Be gentle with yourself. ~~ Max Ehrmann

He who cannot rest cannot work; he who cannot let go cannot hold on.
~~ Harry Emerson Fosdick

You can do anything, you just can’t do everything -- at least not all at the same time.
~~ Anonymous

Perfectionism is the voice of the oppressor, the enemy of the people. It will keep you cramped and insane your whole life. ~~ Anne Lamott

Message from Rita

Dear Perceptive Readers,
The goal of this Tip Sheet (like our books and web site) is to offer help in managing stress plus breaking the procrastination and clutter habit. Today I will share a challenge that one of our perceptive readers sent in and ask YOUR input for a solution.

Last month, we addressed the fact that sometimes people put off friends, loved ones and relationships. We followed with a list of loving gestures that aren't even romantic and in that list we mentioned offering help to a single parent or to the family whose military member has been deployed.

The next day, this response arrived:
Dear Rita, Just a more idea to add to your wonderful list....

Caregivers (everyone has at least one in their neighborhood) are the most unsung folks around, often needing a hand, but not getting assistance. So instead of offering to pay for a meal, how about mowing the grass, or shoveling snow? Offer to pick up some groceries? Spend time with the person who's receiving the care, so the caregiver can have a little time on his/her own?

I am in a caregiving role, unsupported. I know how tough this is. Oh, don't worry, I do plan to enact a few more of your suggestions from your list, too!
Blessings... luv, Jessie

So I replied:
Thank you Jesse. You are right. That DOES have to be added to my list. Caregivers know what they need but they don't know how to communicate to their friends and family how pitching in to do a few simple chores can mean SO much. We do have a section of help for the caregiver in Manage Your Time to Reduce Your Stress: A Handbook for the Overworked, Overscheduled, and Overwhelmed

Ahhhhh, but Jesse, you didn't think I would let you off the hook so easily, did you?
So here is your JESSE CHALLENGE. Please answer this question:
How can a caregiver who is not supported, find ways to get a bit of help and/support from people in the community that they might not even know?

And her reply:

Most of the neighbors around here only notice when I don't shovel the walk or mow the lawn. Instead of offering help, they just judge. I have asked for help, nobody hears. Plus, mom doesn't want anybody around she doesn't know. I've often talked with her about maybe some help, but she nixes it. How do I get the help I need without crossing her comfort zone.

There are agencies around who would help. She doesn't want that. So, I've given up. I know there are others in a similar circumstance!
Blessings .. Luv, Jessie

AND SO, DEAR PERCEPTIVE READERS, HERE IS YOUR CHALLENGE. Please send me your thoughts on this. I am aware that most people who end up being a caregiver (whether for an aging parent, seriously ill person, or other circumstances) are MUCH better at giving help than receiving, and are TERRIBLE at asking for help. How can caregivers -- such as Jessie -- get the help they need? Send us your ideas.
We are always delighted when we receive compliments or appreciation for our books and other products. Here is a charming and hilarious one in poetic form that blew us away. (just a side note: it's a prayer to St. Rita asking help with his clutter --- which really made me laugh because St. Rita is patroness of the Impossible.) Enjoy.

Prayer to St. Rita

Oh dear St. Rita, please hear my prayer,
I have clutter and papers, files and junk everywhere,
I looked at my desk and saw my son’s scooter,
God, I would give anything to find my computer,

Oh dear St. Rita, please hear my plea,
I can’t find my dog, oh where can he be,
I have places to go but I won’t get very far,
Because I went to the garage and can’t find my car.

Oh dear St. Rita, please hear my supplication,
I can’t find my Express card, so goodbye vacation,
I was feeling romantic, a great part of life,
Yep you guessed it, I can’t find my wife.

Oh dear St Rita, please lend me your ear,
I can’t find my fridge and could sure use a beer,
So I entreat you to respond to my most fervent supplication,
And please rush me your book, on clutter and procrastination.

Rita, thank you so much for The Clutter-Busting Handbook. It has helped me immensely.

Jerry O’Neill

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Author of The Procrastinator's Handbook,
The Clutter-Busting Handbook and
Manage Your Time to Reduce Your Stress: A Handbook for the Overworked, Overscheduled, and Overwhelmed
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