September 2012
From Rita Emmett
Author of The Procrastinator's Handbook and
The Clutter-Busting Handbook

These September quotes are from The Clutter-Busting Handbook by Rita Emmett

If you don’t have a place to put something, it WILL become clutter.

When you don’t have enough room for all your stuff, you don’t need more room, you need less stuff.

Don't consider your wastebasket to be an enemy who gobbles up your important data; consider it to be a friend who must be nourished and fed.

Message from Rita

Dear Perceptive Readers,
Several people have asked that I write something about paper clutter. First and most important, please know that my books are NOT clutter. Got it?
Second, here is a list of tips. Don't let it clutter your mind or overwhelm you. If over the next few weeks, you incorporate one or all of the first 3 tips, you will see your clutter start melting away.
AND if you have a favorite paper clutter tip that is NOT included here, send it to us and we will try to share it with all our perceptive readers in a future Tip Sheet.
Here now --- for your enjoyment and de-clutterment -- are 22 Tips for Paper Clutter.

  1. Create a place for each paper to belong. If it doesn't have a "home", it becomes clutter.
  2. Handle each piece of paper only once. Make decisions the FIRST time you touch a piece of paper.
  3. Feed your wastebasket. It's not an evil monster that gobbles your important data. It's your friend who needs to be nourished. Feed it.
  4. Get rid of what you don't need.
  5. Skim material as soon as it arrives.
  6. Open all snail mail near a wastebasket.
  7. Try to get off junk mail lists and if they insist on sending you mail you don't need or want, don't even open it. Send it straight to the recycle bin.
  8. If it takes less than a minute, do it now (read, recycle, toss, file, delete).
  9. Create a place where all incoming mail goes till it can be sorted, tossed, recycled or put where it belongs.
  10. Create a place where all incoming school papers go till they can be sorted, signed, reviewed, acted upon or filed.
  11.  Pass on to the appropriate person any papers someone else can handle.
  12. Put papers where they belong.
  13. Most monthly bills can be paid electronically. Saves time, cost of stamps, and paper clutter.
  14. Realize the world won't end if you get rid of much of your paper.
  15. Do you have stacks of magazines you will read "someday"? Why do you need all those? You don't! Eliminate whatever you don't have time to read. Stop subscribing.
  16. Recycle it. Put used papers in a stack where people who need something to jot notes or print out an email joke can help themselves instead of taking a new piece.
  17. Ask yourself: Do you really want to be caretaker of this paper? Do you really want to devote precious space to this?
  18. If you have scraps of paper everywhere with phone numbers on them, get a spiral notebook. Enter all phone numbers & messages in it till it can either be responded to or entered where it belongs.
  19. If you can get this same material from the internet or someone else, why keep it?
  20. Take ten minutes each day to sort, file or toss papers. Do at beginning or end of work day, or do it during the commercials of the first hour of watching TV
  21.  Every day, before starting work, put away ten things on your desk.
  22. Get rid of it


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Clutter is a pain and we need to get rid of it. But what I like about your books is that the goal is for it to NEVER come back! Not just sort out your stuff and wait until it returns. I want to just enjoy life. It's too short to be wasted. ~~ Kim in Swtizerland

Hi, I used to be a clutter person and I married a huge pack rat. Together with two children we created an environment where I eventually had no space to put away laundry. One day last year I cried because I couldn't take the constant cleaning and decluttering. Finally I watched your clutter DVD, and I started decluttering a bag at a time and I started feeling more and more freedom. I really appreciate your video. It helps to keep me going.,.thanks ~~ Jeanne


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