October 2010
The Anticrastination Tip Sheet

From Rita Emmett
Author of The Procrastinator's Handbook, The Clutter-Busting Handbook, and Manage Your Time to Reduce Your Stress
One Of The Best Recycling Lists You'll Ever Get
(note: This Tip Sheet is a Keeper)

Last year, at a friend's holiday party, I spotted her tossing several empty soda cans into the trash. I said that I thought she was a recycler and she said, "Yes, I am committed to recycling, but I can't stand a heap of empty cans and bottles lining up on my counter. I need the space and it looks terrible. So I don't recycle when I entertain."

Several of us started to share holiday recycling tips. As a result, my friend took a large wastebasket from her office and tucked it under the kitchen table where nobody was sitting during the party. She alerted 3 environmentally conscious teens in the group and they kept emptying it into the large recycle bin outside. As a result, huge amounts of bottles & cans were recycled, & a kindness was done to Mother Earth.

Sometimes our hearts want to do the right thing, but we just do not know how to do it. Sometimes we need some Creative Problem Solving. Or sometimes we just need info as to WHERE to recycle it. Here are recycling tips I worked hard to round up for you.

Administrative Assistant Barbara Ziemba tells us the place to cancel catalogs is
www.catalogchoice.org She says you have to put your request in 2 or 3 times, but it can save you tons of paper clutter and save our planet tons of trees.

If you belong to Costco, they have a fantastic Trade-in and Recycle Program. They will take your old PC, LCD monitors, digital cameras, camcorders, game systems and MP3 players, and you MIGHT even get paid for it. Go to www.costco.com click on "Electronics" then on "Trade-in & Recycle". Next, identify the type of equipment you want to dispose of, and a value estimator will indicate if it has any trade-in value. You then ship the item using a free, pre-paid shipping label. If the item has trade-in value, you'll be sent a Costco Cash Card for that amount. If not, you'll get rid of an unwanted item FREE without putting it in the garbage stream.

One unique thing that we do is every product shipped from our web site www.RitaEmmett.com, includes a plastic mailing envelope for: CELL PHONES FOR SOLDIERS. We were shocked to discover that our military overseas pay a high price to call home. Back in 2004, two teens, Brittany and Robbie Bergquist started this program with AT&T. Proceeds from donated cell phones & chargers are used to purchase prepaid calling cards for American troops. These teens have raised millions of dollars to help our troops call home.
If you want to distribute these mailing envelopes in some way, you can order them free from www.cellphonesforsoldiers.com

Would you believe we found a place where you can get rid of your old or USED UP:

  • Cosmetic brushes
  • Body washes and/or scrubs
  • Body lotions and/or butters
  • Hand and/or heel creams
  • Body mists and
  • Bath sponges.

It is EcoTools' "Look Gorgeous, Love Green" campaign. They'll send everything to RecycleBank --- an organization that recycles a wide range of materials through its recycling center --- and reward you with a coupon good for one of EcoTools beauty products (with a maximum value of $8). It's a pretty gorgeous way to go green. Go to http://www.lookgorgeouslovegreen.com/swapyoursupplies.html

Our town of Des Plaines, IL supports Cook County Sheriff Dart's CELL PHONES FOR SENIORS PROGRAM
Old cell phones and chargers can be dropped off at our City Hall, Public Library, Park District or Senior Center. The phones are provided to needy senior citizens. Cell phones can dial 911, even after service is disconnected. If you want to set up something like this in your town, and need more information, call the Sheriff's Department at 773-869-7878

www.BuyMyTronics.com gives you an eco-friendly avenue to get rid of old or even broken electronics while pocketing some extra cash and shipping is free. They currently purchase cell phones, Apple iPods, iPhones, laptops and desktops, plus most smart phones and PDAs (Blackberry, Treo, Nokia, HTC, LG, Motorola, etc.) Zunes, MP3 players and game consoles (Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo Wii). Get cash for your gadgets while keeping your eWaste out of the landfill!. And here are more Recycling Resources

Appliances    www.recycle-steel.org
Business Clothing  www.dressforsuccess.org
Carpets www.carpetrecovery.org
Basic Athletic Goods www.sportsgift.org 949-388-2359
Batteries www.batteryrecycling.com
Batteries: rechargeable  http://www.rbrc.org
Bicycles www.ibike.org
Blankets and towels www.pets911.com
Bulky Fitness & Sports Equipment www.playitagainsports.com

Cell phones  www.wirelessfoundation.org or www.epa.gov/cellphones or www.ncadv.org to find local agencies that will use your old cell phone to aid survivors of domestic violence. They provide a free shipping label (cell phones can dial 911, even after service is disconnected)
Christmas trees www.christmastree.org
Clothing www.dressforsuccess.org
Clothing www.glassslipperproject.org
Computers www.dell.com/recycling or http://www.planarsystems.com/green/us/
Electronics www.sony.net or http://www.digitaltips.org/green/default.asp

Eyeglasses www.lionsclubs.org Or http://neweyesfortheneedy.org/
Floppy Disks & Video Tapes http://greendisk.com/
Formal Dresses www.operationfairydust.org
Light Bulbs http://earth911.com/
Packing Peanuts http://loosefillpackaging.com/
Paint http://earth911.com/
Tennis Balls http://rebounces.com/ 888-630-5696
Tires http://www.epa.gov/epawaste/nonhaz/municipal/
Wheel Chairs, Canes, Crutches, Braces http://www.joniandfriends.org/
818-707-5664 or 800-937-2264

Do you have info to add to our recycling list? Send it to us and we will try to include it in a future Tip Sheet.

You might want to file this some place so that the next time you are clutter busting, you will be able to finally say good by to stuff you haven't needed or used for years. Feel free to share this with your friends and associates. And if you want to be Super Cool, you can suggest that they might even subscribe to our Anticrastination Tip Sheet at www.ritaemmett.com

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Rita Emmett
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