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Quotes for May 2010

Do not weep for what is lost, rejoice for what you have been given. -- anonymous

About setbacks: Brick walls are there for a reason. They are not there to keep us out. The brick walls are there to give us a chance to show how badly we want something.
-- Randy Pausch from his book: The Last Lecture

If you wait for perfect conditions, you will never get anything done. Ecclesiastes 11:4


May Message from Rita

A poem (sort of)
Rita's heart is broken
Few "book things" ever pained her
It's all because she just learned
A new word -- it's "remainder"

Dear Reader,

Do you know the word "remainder"? Way back in grade school I think someone said something about it has to do with math. Guess that remainder-word just slipped out of my brain -- but THAT's not the remainder I refer to.

Years ago, I heard that author Stephen King was in a band called "The Rock Bottom Remainders". I figured it had to do with authors or books, but also figured IF I need to know what it is, that's when I'll learn all about it. Now I discover that band title is part of King's dark and terror-striking mentality.

I have learned what remainder means. Ohhhhh, woe is me. It is a terrible thing. If you ever write a book, may you be protected from the horror of "remainder"

My second book, THE PROCRASTINATING CHILD: A Handbook for Adults to Help Children Stop Putting Things Off is is being remaindered.

In the publishing world, that means that your book is NOT selling enough, and that the warehouse people are tired of storing it so they are going to get rid of it any way they can. And that book will no longer be available for anyone to buy. Ever.

If you want a copy of THE PROCRASTINATING CHILD for for yourself or to give as gifts to friends, you can buy it at for a great bargain price. The cover of the book is stamped that it costs $10.95 and that is what they are selling it for. But right below that price, you can purchase brand new copies for less than $2.00.

So if you wanted to have a fund raiser for your school, church or scout troop, you could buy copies for $2 and sell them at a discount price of $10, and still make a profit of $8 per book. But I don't know how long THE PROCRASTINATING CHILD will be available.

Right now, I am hoping to buy up whatever copies are left, but haven't been able to make that work yet. So if you want a copy, go to And this is one of those great procrastination examples of "If you snooze, you lose". So you would be wise to do it now.

This was the first and only book published to help kids break the procrastination habit. I'm so sad that it didn't last. Many schools DID use it as a fund raiser, but now it has been judged as not worth keeping in the warehouse.

With all the suffering in this world, it seems silly and petty to be grieving over the end of a book's life, but … well….. today it just feels so sad.

To your success,

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