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It is in giving that we receive.
--- St Francis of Assisi

The only ones among us who will be truly happy are those who have sought and found how to serve.
~~ Albert Schweitzer


Message from Rita


In these tough economic times, charities report that donations are dwindling desperately.
Doesn't it seem that when we have money we don't have time, and when we have time, we don't have money?
Anyway, if cash is in short supply, here are ideas for other ways to give.
Donate your time instead.
Donate used clothing, or other goods.
Donate frequent flyer miles.
Donate blood or platelets.
Shop at a site such as Igive - http://www.Igive.com which donates part of the proceeds to the charity of your choice.
Or if you love to bake, you can occasionally bring goodies to your local police or fire station to let these folk know they are appreciated.
Or you can request, instead of birthday or holiday gifts, that your friends and family make a donation to a worthy cause.
Or you can simply make people aware of a worthwhile cause.

For example, I will tell you about Women For Women - http://www.WomenForWomen.com where you offer support to a "Foster Sister" in a third world country. You pay $27 monthly (less than a dollar a day) and receive a photo, information about her life, & can exchange letters.

The woman receives training for job skills, business development, literacy, health and community leadership. Plus she learns about rights, hygiene, medical care, and support networks. My "sister" Hannatu recently graduated, and when she was asked what was the most useful program to her, she marked "corresponding with my sponsor". That brought tears to my eyes.

What other ways can you offer support to those in need?
How about an encouraging word, a visit, invite to dinner or a shoulder to lean on for someone you know who is struggling - a neighbor who is out of work, a friend going through hard times, a family with someone in the military? This is not a time to avoid people because you don't know what to say. This is a time to step outside your comfort zone, say anything (or even nothing) and just be there for them.

Fear and insecurity can be devastating. Words or acts of support and encouragement can be more helpful than you ever realize ... even if you are in the same boat.

Want some ideas for offering help at your workplace?
You can make it easy for people to lend a helping hand by setting up a donation box at work & one person can offer to take responsibility to bring donated items to a favorite charity. Or you and fellow workers can join together to call a local church and offer to pay the rent or electric bill of a struggling family who needs help.

Here at Emmett Enterprises, Inc., Bruce and I send 10% of the profits of all our books to the Sisters of Loretto who taught me to write in high school and encouraged me to write a book some day.

Also, when you purchase a product from our web that is mailed to you, you will find a plastic bag tucked inside. It is a pre-paid mailer to send you old cell phone and charger to "Cell Phones for Soldiers". Two teenagers were shocked to find that our military personnel have to pay a high price to call home from Iraq and other countries. So they started this program where, through AT&T, old cell phones are exchanged for phone minutes. They have provided phone cards with over two million phone minutes to our troops overseas.

These are very small ways to support charities, but that's the point. If we can't support in big ways, we don't HAVE to stop making contributions. If we all contribute in little ways, it will still help to make a big difference.


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Dear Rita,
I adore your videos. You're entertaining, but still quite empowering. I hope there are more videos coming. :)

--- lunarnoah



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