Your Friend the Wastebasket

If you want to conquer paper clutter, change your attitude about your wastebasket. It is not an enemy who gobbles up all your important data. It is your friend who needs to be nurtured and fed. So feed your wastebasket.

In fact, buy several wastebaskets - one for every area where paper accumulates. They come in attractive colors and styles, but don't buy little teeny tiny dainty ones unless you have little teeny tiny dainty stacks of papers. Mega paper clutter requires mega wastebaskets. Lots of them.

Once you accept that your world won’t end when you courageously throw out paper clutter, you will no longer be overwhelmed, immobilized, and catapulted into procrastination by all that reading material coming into your life. And you will have something new to look forward to: the joy of feeding your wastebasket.

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