Some ideas for questions about
The Procrastinator's Handbook

  1. Can people really change if they are “born procrastinators”?
  • isn’t it a basic character trait or personality flaw?
  1. Tell me the truth. Are you a procrastinator?
  2. Your first chapter is called “Tackling the Dread”. How does dread fit in to this subject of procrastination?
  3. How can we keep from procrastinating when we just have too much to do? --- when we are overwhelmed?
  4. Don’t you think that sometimes people procrastinate Simply because they have a hard time focusing on what to do?
  5. How can people get themselves to do those tasks that They just hate to do?
  6. What if they can’t think of a reward to get them going?
  7. Do people ever tell you that “simply doing the job” is a reward in itself?
  8. What about when people tell you “I’m better off procrastinating because I work best under pressure”?
  9. You write about different types of procrastinators. Tell us about some of them?
  • travelers
  • socializers
  • Happy Helpers
  • Drifters
  • Rebels
  1. What part does “PERFECTIONISM” play in procrastination?
  2. Do you think that FEAR causes people to procrastinate?
  • fear of the unknown
  • fear of judgment
  • fear of making mistakes
  • fear of failure
  • fear of change
  • fear of finishing
  • fear of being rejected
  • fear of making the wrong decision
  1. What do you say to those people who “want to do it all”?
  2. When you write about S.A.N.E. (Super Attention / Natural Enthusiasm) procrastination, you really are touching on people with attention problems, aren’t
  3. Do most procrastinators have problems with clutter, too?
  4. What’s your favorite tip for getting the house de-cluttered?
  5. Do you have any quick tips for conquering all that paper Clutter in our lives?
  6. I like your idea about a Portable Project Center. Tell us about that.
  7. What do you mean by PRECIOUS POCKETS OF TIME?
  8. And what is “The Lively Art of Backtiming”?
  9. Do most people put off just the things they hate to do?
  10. What do you mean about the different levels of blasting away procrastination?

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  • Generating Fabulous Customer Service
  • Manage Stress During Chaotic Times
  • Power Up Your Creativity

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