Some ideas for interview questions about
The Procrastinating Child

  1. Before we talk about your book, tell us a little about yourself & how you came to write this book..
  2. How do you know if your child is procrastinating or simply acting like a child?
  3. Why do children procrastinate?
  4. Is the tendency to procrastinate genetic? Is it inherited?
  5. How does procrastination impact a child?
  6. What if parents don’t have the time or energy or ability to teach their children?
  7. How can a parent start?
  8. In your book you talk a lot about “car communication.” Why is that such an important tool for parents?
  9. Like many adults, kids have tasks or jobs that they just hate doing so they put the off. What can they do about that?
  10. What’s your favorite tip to help children stop procrastinating?
  11. What do you do when a child’s been putting something off and just cannot get started?
  12. What if you’ve tried rewards, and the kitchen timer and nothing works?
  13. You talk about the shame of procrastination, and how children use excuses to deal with that. What are some common ones and what can a parent do?
  14. There was something in the book about boring a child as a technique. Tell us about that.
  15. Can you talk about the relationship between procrastination and perfectionism in children?
  16. Let’s talk about fear and procrastination in children. What are some of the things they might be afraid of and how can a parent help?
  17. What do you do with a child who is a Pack Rat? The one who is REALLY in to clutter?
  18. Why do kids today become so over-committed and how can parents help them?
  19. In summary, what can you tell parents to motivate them to really work on helping kids stop procrastination?


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