Some ideas for interview questions about
The Clutter-Busting Handbook


  1. Can people really change if they are “born Pack Rats”?--- isn’t clutter a basic character trait or personality flaw
  2. How about all those times we say, “I’VE GOT TO GET ORGANIZED”. What does that have to do with clutter?
  3. Does clutter come from being messy, or lazy or disorganized?
  4. Tell us the truth, Rita. Is your house filled with clutter? Isn’t there some story about roller skates on the dining room table?
  5. I heard that you never ask Pack Rats to throw their clutter into the trash? Well, how do they get rid of stuff?
  6. How are we supposed to find room for all our stuff?
  7. Is there any connection between Procrastination and clutter?
  8. What can we do about our Sentimental Clutter?
  9. Where can people buy your books?
  10. How can people start to conquer their clutter?
  11. Once I get rid of the clutter, how should I put everything back into the cabinets, closet or whatever?
  12. What is happening when we get rid of all our clutter, then in no time at all, the clutter comes back?
  13. What if I’m not in to clutter, but I LIVE with a Clutter Glutton?
  14. I understand that you have a FAST way to manage paper clutter. Can you tell us about it?
  15. What are we supposed to do with all our stacks of magazines and catalogs?
  16. Do you have any quick tips for us
  17. What Parting words do you have for our listeners?


  1. What do we do about gifts we receive that we don’t like or will never use?
  2. What’s this about “Wild” clutter and “Caged” clutter?
  3. Are there different levels of clutter?


Feel free to call me as a BACK UP PERSON if you ever have a guest cancel or for some reason don’t have anyone scheduled. I can cover such topics as:

  • Secrets to Blast Away Your Procrastination
  • How to Help Your Children Stop Procrastinating
  • Strategies to Prevent Burnout: While You Take Care of Others, Who Takes Care of You?
  • More Strategies to Prevent Burnout: Are We Having Any Fun Yet?
  • Generating Fabulous Customer Service
  • Manage Stress During Chaotic Times
  • Power Up Your Creativity


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