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12 Tips to Work More Effectively at Your Desk

  1. Keep your desk as clear as possible. Donítí kid yourself that ďa messy desk is a sign of genius.Ē Itís not, itís a sign that you always have to search for what you need.
  2. Write down your ideas. Do not trust your memory however good it may be!
  3. Set down your priorities before the start of each dayís work.
  4. Establish a place for everything. If you donít have a place to put something, then you have clutter.
  5. Use your high productivity hours for your top priority projects.
  6. Break large projects into do-able chunks.
  7. Do not over schedule. Leave some time each day free from appointments.
  8. Research says we refer to only 20% of the papers we save and file. How much of your papers do you ever need or look at? Donít keep everything.
  9. Concentrate on one item at a time.
  10. Take breaks. Walk around. Stretch. Eat lunch away from your desk.
  11. If you donít have enough room for all your stuff, you donít need more room, you need less stuff.
  12. Keep paperwork moving.
  13. Put limits on visits:
  • Stack stuff on any extra chairs so uninvited visitors have to stand.
  • When chatty people call, as soon as you answer the phone tell them you have only a few minutes to talk. Politely ask them the point of their call right away.
  1. Remove from your desk all papers you are not working on. This prevents lost or mixed up papers.
  2. Handle each piece of paper only once.

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