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Thanks for making me look good. So glad you are available for our next conference. I look forward to working with you again.
J. Swanson, Clemson University

Wow! Did you make an impact! The response to your presentation earned the
highest rating of any speaker that we've had in our district in the nineteen years I have been here. On a twenty point rating scale, your average rating was 19.45!
D. Abhalter, Western Springs Public Schools

Hope you'll be able to continue to work for us. It is so good to get a speaker you can count on to be informative, reliable and entertaining all at the same time!
L. Salotti, Triton College

Enlightening! Entertaining! Timely! Informative! Useful! FUN! You have a wonderful way of putting people at ease that encourages active and lively participation. That is the most productive way to learn.
H. Berry, Assistant to President of Wilbur Wright College

Wonderful! I sincerely hope we can secure your expertise for future staff programs.
V. Helander-Heiser, Stevenson High School

You've been a pleasure to work with! So thorough from the first contact I made with you, always following up on phone calls & letters and taking care of every possible detail...Your words of wisdom are being quoted among staff, even 3 weeks later...I can see culture change happening here and you have played a part in it.
B. Fox, Black Hawk College, East Moline, IL

The workshop is attended by all support staff - transportation, food service, maintenance, and instructional support. You were able to reach this diverse group of people with professionalism and humor. The morning passed in a flash! Outstanding!
J. Duller, Leyden High Schools, Franklin Park, IL

A woman transferred into our department a few weeks prior to your presentation. She was very negative and quite short with people; NOT very excited about the conference but did attend. I don't know what you said that made an impact, but her attitude has totally changed - she now laughs, has become a part of the office team and is much more enjoyable. As a matter of fact, she has even quoted you a few times.
T. Marquardt, U. of Wisconsin - Green Bay

Rita excels in effective and positive communication and interaction. Projecting
energy and sparking enthusiasm, she draws the participants into a lively and
effective workshop.
R. Chandler, Harlem Consolidated Schools, Loves Park, IL

Rita's style and personality encouraged me to participate when normally I would not. Kept my interest on a topic for which I've heard many presentations.
Participant evaluation, University of Wisconsin - Green Bay

Being the professional that you are, you know how important that opening speaker is in setting the tone for the whole conference -- and you started them off just right. What a success!
B. Koca, Illinois Association of School Business Officials

Your presentation was dynamite. I have never seen such great comments!
J. M. Swanson, Program Coordinator, Clemson University

I see evidence of team building efforts and better communication in areas where they weren't evident previously. 
F. Lerner, Oakton Community College

Her topic related directly to my position and how I could better manage the added stress our growing school environment is creating.
School staff member evaluation, Stevenson High School

The evaluative comments from both faculty & community members were
overwhelmingly positive. I highly recommend Ms. Emmett.
A.. Biegler, South Loop School, Chicago, IL

I truly enjoyed working with you. Your expertise and professionalism are praiseworthy.
K. Janik, DeVry Institute of Technology

Two weeks later I am still hearing positive things about your presentation
L. Salotti, Triton College

Rita does a fantastic job of using humor in reality of living with rich, excellent advice for everyone's life; bring her back again!
Participant Evaluation, Clemson University, SC

When workshop participants take the time to call me to say how wonderful your presentation was, I know that our staff development program is on the right track.
S. Adamowski, Ph.D., American College of Occupational & Environmental Medicine

The participants, who ranged from support personnel to upper management, were unanimous in their accolades.
H. Berry, Assistant to the President, Wright College

Rita was a God-send. She seemed to come from where we've been, and is going where we'd like to be. Her humor and suggestions were, and will be, most useful.
Participant in Conference for Special Education Cooperative

It was obvious that you related well to the audience and that they learned something from you. Their comments were all very positive.
Dianne Zalesky, Operation Snowflake, Carpentersville, IL

Wonderful positive feedback!. The best statement I heard regarding your talk was from a colleague: "This is like being on vacation for one day and being able to laugh and enjoy myself." Many others felt the same way.
C. Roller, Elgin Community College

Terrific seminar "Teaching Strategies: Alternatives to the Lecture". I've used many of the suggestions in my own classes. One of the participants said, "Rita was great. The three hours sped by and much information was gained."
L. Secrest, Harper College

You were fantastic! I think we could have listened to you for hours.
B. Ryan, Highland Community College

We have received countless positive comments on your witty messages. Your ideas will help all of us get through the challenging year ahead.
C. Conley, North DuPage Special Education Cooperative

Our original plan was to find someone who could take away the mid year blahs. You far exceeded this expectation and received rave reviews!
A.Kruppe, Naperville School District 203

As always your presentation received high marks, in fact, the highest of any of the week's speakers. Not only do you have something important to say, but you do it with warmth and humor, an unbeatable combination.
C.B. Zar, Northern Illinois University

Thanks again for the two liveliest, most enjoyable and valuable classes we've had in my memory, and for making me look absolutely brilliant!
R. Schatell, Illinois Writers' Group

This inservice was the best one this year! Excellent speaker who is able to teach her entire audience in one way or another. I'd jump at the chance to hear her speak on other topics.
Participants in Teachers' Institute Day, Western Springs, IL

The students in the Real Estate program told us that the skills they are learning - especially your seminars "Conquer Procrastination" and "Stress Management" - will be extremely helpful not only in their careers as realtors but in every aspect of their lives.
S. Schwyn, Wright College

There were several of us that felt this presentation would be boring, but what a great surprise Rita was! She was so full of energy (and so early!) and very funny - especially at helping us see ourselves with humor but also honesty.
Evaluation from participant in Staff Development Seminar, Stevenson High School


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