It take a pro to design a
presentation for each client's
unique eneds such as a
seminar in the woods (as Rita
did here for one of her many
presentations for Ameritech)

Comments from
Business Professionals

"The bottom line is your people need to hear Rita Emmett's message"
--- Business Professionals

Once again - another excellent presentation and another set of rave evaluations.
S. Donnellan, Kraft Foods

For the second time in 9 months you have addressed our organization, and no doubt
our group is more productive and creative as the result of your insights.
R. Brown, President Banner Personnel Service, Inc.

Powerful! Dynamic! After your presentation at our Team Conference, we gave so
many referrals to other Group Supervisors, that you may have to quit working for other
companies & work solely at Ameritech!
L. Anderson, Ameritech

Once again you received enthusiastic praise from the Team members .
A. Haynes, Mercedes-Benz

This is the second time you've presented at our conference, and you are a pleasure to
work with. You received outstanding evaluations.
D. Vickery, Manpower

We all left feeling revitalized. That's quite a job to do in the short time that we gave you.
P. Kulick, LaSalle Bank Illinois

Ours is a very stressful occupation and your insights and observations as to how our
members can find ways to effectively reduce their stress were right on target.
M. St.John, Risk Management, Menomonee Falls, WI

It is a pleasure to have a speaker take the time to research her audience & gear her talk specifically to the group.
E. Nap, Wisconsin Gas Company

Your message was just what we were looking for!
J. Schwade-Frank, Northwestern Mutual Life

Weeks later, people are still commenting on how they have been able to put your time management principles to work.
J. Harold, Harlem Furniture

Your seminars in Customer Service have given our tenants new directions that have made
a difference not only for them, but also for our center.
K. Vitello, The Harlem Irving Companies

Excellent speaker. Hire her!
Participant Evaluation, Kraft Foods

The account executives rated you as the highlight of their day-long meeting. Your
presentation was truly a value and valuable!
N. Gilpin, Nicor

First presentation I was at that I never once felt the need to check the time on my watch!
Participant Evaluation at Ameritech Seminar

We've never had such an overwhelmingly favorable response to a speaker. We received
100% positive feedback on your evaluations.
S. Chase, Goodwill Industries

Your valuable suggestions for increasing productivity are still being talked about & used.
MKH, The Choice For Staffing

So many positive comments about your presentation - especially how much fun it was!
S. Cerra, Tower Travel Management

Your humor & storytelling were excellent vehicles for getting a serious message out.
A. Whaley, Innovation Ink

Thanks for making an ordinary seminar become out-of-the-ordinary by giving us
something to remember for a long time.
R. Cullen, Cullen Retail Services, Inc.

As with your previous engagements, we had an extremely positive response from attendees.
R. Cecola, Pres., The Choice for Staffing

Excellent! Professional! Informative! We'll have you back again soon.
M. Rzepecki, Northwest Real Estate Board

You have a wonderful innate ability to sense the pulse of your audience working with
them rather than lecturing to them. Your fun, uplifting personality is a real plus.
K. Vitello, The Harlem Irving Companies

I especially appreciate your grasp of the dynamics and issues within our team, and
how you customized your presentation to our unique situation.
M. Lakins, Tech Solutions, Ameritech

Outstanding! Insightful! What a tremendous amount of "take away" content to use in our professional and personal lives.
M. Hawley, The Talbott Hotel

Thought-provoking! Impressive! What you teach really works!
G. Reese, Chicago Assoc. of Spring Mgrs.

You received wonderful reviews - 3.5 on a 4-points scale. Pretty good for this group,
especially for an early morning presentation.
K. Calvert, AT&T

Calls of praise are flooding in on how interesting, informative & humorous your talk was.
L. DiMonte, Coopers & Lybrand

You may be sure we will keep you on our special list of very effective speakers.
G. Reese. Chicago Assoc. of Spring Mfgs.

Excellent! Best speaker to date. Leaves you feeling great!
Participant evaluation, Goodwill Industries

Your content was custom made for us, and your delivery was enthusiastic, despite the
sound glitches on our part. It is a pleasure to work with you.
T. Jones, Rosemont Suites

Thank you again for being part of our team . We will work with you again soon.
R. Brown, Pres. Banner Personnel Service, Inc.

I came away from your seminar energized and enthused, ready to use your ideas to
prevent burnout.
Participant in Ameritech Seminar

Motivating! Enthusiastic! Several of us have already taken action on conquering procrastination.
L.L. Morabito, Qantas Airways Limited

Great seminar. I wasn't looking forward to this presentation, but I found it truly
enjoyable and of value.
Participant in NICOR all day seminar

Once again, it's been a pleasure working with you, and I look forward to doing so
again in the near future.
K. Vitello, The Harlem Irving Companies

Our members found your delivery delightful, your content pertinent and your message memorable.
A. Whaley, Innovation Ink


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