Would you believe Rita has a personal
 life BESIDES her professional life?

Now THAT'S something to
dance about!

The "Other Life" of Speaker/Author Rita Emmett


You might be interested to know that Rita:

  • was once one of the world's greatest procrastinators
  • loves snorkeling and riding horses
  • met a man in the cat food aisle at the grocery store, and married him

     Click on pic for a larger view of
     these two people sitting in a bucket

  • has, along with husband Bruce, a blended family of five terrific kids plus
    their equally terrific spouses
  • is a geeky tourist who loves to travel and do tourist-y things
  • has snorkeled with sting rays

    stingray.jpg (90010 bytes)
     Click on pic for a larger view of Rita
     cuddling her "ray" of sunshine

  • is a little bit afraid of flying
  • received the Business and Professional Women's "Woman of Achievement" award
  • loves to laugh and have fun
  • has nine gloriously beautiful, talented, intelligent grandchildren

     Click on pic for a larger view of those
     nine gloriously beautiful, talented,
     intelligent grandchildren

  • five years ago, rode a mule to the bottom of the Grand Canyon and back, and two years later, did it again (this time lived 3 days in the Havasupai Reservation at the bottom of the canyon)
  • is an accomplished cook and gardener
  • genuinely enjoys her work
  • is deeply spiritual
  • hired a 12 year-old (Jessa Forster) to create the graphic at the top of this page: Vanna the Dancing Rat ... which Rita absolutely loves
  • drove a race car

    race_car.jpg (78798 bytes)
     Click on pic to see Rita
     zooming along at top speed

  • volunteers, along with her husband Bruce, many hours of her time every year in two major fund raisers: one for the homeless, and the other for Loretto Convent
  • loves water - drinking it, swimming in it, looking at it
  • rafted white water rapids
  • has a passion for Irish music and every year sails the Caribbean with Irish Festival Cruises and the top entertainers of Ireland. (That's where she connected with Angela's Ashes author, Frank McCourt, who wrote an endorsement for her book.)
  • has a weird sense of humor
  • cherishes her family and friends
  • still gets "stage-fright" before giving a talk
  • hugged a dolphin

    Click on pic for a larger view
      of a fishy kiss for Rita

  • can usually be spotted at any Celtic or Irish Fest, or Renaissance Faire within the Chicago area
  • was a Girl Scout till she graduated high school
  • loves to live life to the max
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