TV and Radio Appearances

Rita Emmett
(Domestic & Foreign)

TV appearances

NEW YORK: TODAY SHOW NBC, interviewed by KATIE COURIC, produced by Shirley Chen (1/29/01)

NEW YORK: Today in New York- WNBC produced by Karen Harris (3/21/01)

NEW YORK: New York Live - WCBS Todd - interviewer; produced by Yvette (3/22/01)

ILLINOIS: 32 This Week - WFLD-TV FOX Chicago; Host Wanda Wells (12/17/01)

ARIZONA: Good Morning Arizona KTVK-3TV, Interviewed by Dan Davis, produced by Rachel Harris (11/29/00)

INDIANA: Good Morning Fort Wayne TV-WKJG NBC; host Beth Godvik (11/2/00)

ILLINOIS: Weekend News Show WMAQ-TV NBC 5; host Anna DeLontis; Produced by Lisa Ripson (10/15/00)

ILLINOIS: Morning News Show CLTV-NEWS CHICAGO; host Monica; produced by Pasha Weaver (10/3/00)

ILLINOIS: Sunday Morning News WLS-TV ABC Chicago; Anchor Dick Johnson, produced by Beni Kurian (10/1/00)

MARYLAND: Making a Difference WDCA_TV (UPN) Bethesda, MD, host Lisa Weir (9/21/00)

WASHINGTON, DC: FOX Morning News WTTG-TV, Sheila Jascot (9/21/00)

TEXAS: Books in Review - City Video 45 Telecable, Fort Worth, TX, host King Hoover, produced by James Carter (9/20/00)

TEXAS: Around Arlington - AT&T Cable, Arlington, TX, host Cheryl Nason, produced by Robert Spence (9/20/00)

TEXAS: Good Morning Texas WFAA-TV (ABC) hosts Gina Redmond & Doug Meehen, produced by Chris Tynan (9/20/00)

OREGON: “AM Northwest” KATU-TV, host Elizabeth Christy (9/19/00)

Foreign TV, Radio and Print Interviews

ENGLAND: BBC “The David White Show”; produced by Cloe Bagshaw (4/19/01)

ENGLAND: BBC “The Peter Levy Show”; produced by Elaine Dunkley (4/17/01)

CANADA: “Rogers Television - Daytime”; interviewed by Anthony and Kathryn; produced by Genevieve D’Souza (2/6/01)

CANADA: “More to Life” TV Ontario; host Maureen Taylor; produced by Portia Corman (2/6/01)

CANADA: “The Chatroom” Talk TV; host Louisa McCormack; produced by Lara Landa (2/5/01)

CANADA: “The Print Room” Talk TV; host Louisa McCormack; produced by Lara Landa (2/5/01)

CANADIAN PRESS by Shi Davidi (2/5/01)

CANADA: “The News at Noon” CTV produced by Lawrence Diskin (2/5/01)

CANADA: “Breakfast Television” City TV; host Ann Rohmer; produced by Gail O’Brien (2/5/01)

CANADA: “Canada AM” CTV; (NATIONAL SHOW) Host Valerie Pringle; produced by Gina Pasold (2/5/01)

Radio appearances

Phoenix, AZ: “Passion at Work” KFNX; Beth Sirull (4/18/01)

ILLINOIS: WJJG-AM 1530 Steve Trout and Matt Baron (3/12/01)

MASSACHUSETTS: WILB BOSTON Sheila Hairston (with Karen Hines) (3/11/01)

ILLINOIS: US99 LeeAnn Trotter (2/26/01)

ILLINOIS: Mo Whalen (2/13/01)

NEW YORK: WOR-AM “The Joey Reynolds Show”, interviewed by Joey, produced by Hope Andrade (11/13/00)

NEW YORK: “ Wake Up Call” WBAI 99.5 FM; host Susan Lee (10/30/00)

TEXAS: “Business Radio 650”; host Brent Clanton (10/26/00)

ILLINOIS: WGN-AM Radio Chicago; “The Steve Cochran Show”; host Steve Cochran, producer Steve Buchman (10/19/00)

WISCONSIN: NPR “Conversations with Jean Feraca”; host Jean Feraca, producer Carmen Jackson (10/16/00)

CALIFORNIA: 1450 AM KEST San Carlos, CA; host Jane McMurry (10/11/00)

MARYLAND: “Eye On Books” Metrosource Networks, Chevy Chase, MD, host Bill Thompson (9/21/00)

OREGON: “Pathways” KBOO-FM, Portland, OR, host Paul O’Brien (9/19/00)

OREGON: “The Book Page” KXL-AM Rodio, Portland, OR, host Diana Jordan (9/19/00)

WASHINGTON: “This Week with Jim French” KNWX-Radio, Bellevue, WA, host Jim French (9/18/00)

WASHINGTON: “Conversations” KBSG-AM/FM Seattle, WA, host Lizz Sommars (9/18/00)

MARYLAND: “Boomer Talk” BNN-TV Boston 9, MD, host Leslie Ahern (9/14/00)

MARYLAND: “Boston’s WB in the Morning” WLVI-TV Channel 56 TV Boston, MD, host Darin Adams, produced by Michele Cotler (9/14/00)


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