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Books and Articles by and about Rita Emmett

Books by Rita  

The Procrastinator's Handbook: Mastering the Art of Doing It Now
New York, NY: Walker and Co., 2000

The Procrastinator's Handbook has also been published in:

All British Commonwealths, including Ireland, Scotland & U.K. (including Australia)
Israel / Hebrew
Latin America - All Spanish speaking Countries
Book of the Month Club
Deseret Book Club
Doubleday Book Club

The Procrastinating Child: A Handbook For Adults To Help Children Stop 
Putting Things Off

The Procrastinating Child has also been published in:

British Commonwealth, Ireland, Scotland & U.K., Australia
Latin America & Puerto Rico
China (Main Land)
China - Taiwan

E-Book: The Procrastinator's Handbook is not only available in E-book, but it also has been on the E-book top ten best seller list since Feb. 2001. It is the only self-help E-book in the top ten, plus it passed up a Stephen King novel and has held the #2 position on the best seller list since March 3, 2001. 

Audio Tapes by Rita  

The Procrastinator's Handbook: Mastering the Art of Doing It Now
Renaissance Media, Inc. distributed by St. Martin’s Press, NY.
Read by Rita Emmett

Striving For Perfection Can Drive You Nuts
(and other thoughts on coping with stress)

Mind Adventure Series;
Sarah Street Production
Live presentation by Rita Emmett

A 28 Minute Relaxation Break For Those Stress Filled Days
Sarah Street Production
Voice: Rita Emmett
Music: Roger Pauly

Blast Away Procrastination
Here Rita presents a Keynote on the subject of procrastination - with humor
and enlightening stories, she covers what is procrastination, obstacles to
conquering it, and reasons why we procrastinate. You will chuckle at the story
of how she obtained an endorsement for her book from Frank McCourt,
Pulitzer Prize winning author of Angela's Ashes.

Journey To Authorship
Do you want to write a book? Here are the answers you've been looking
for. Rita's presentation includes stories, questions & answers, and
information about writer's block, finding an agent or publisher, writing
proposals, promoting books, resources for writers and how to obtain
endorsements for your book.

Rita Tells Her Story:
1 Hour Interview with Randy Gilbert (1/03/03)
Randy Gilbert, a skilled interviewer, promises to get Rita to reveal her inside success secrets and proven strategies for dealing with procrastination. You'll be amazed at what you'll learn in this one-hour segment.

The Things That Dreams Are Made Of
Are you interested in those dreams you dream at night? Then you're going to love this tape. It's Rita teaching a fun and fascinating program in a in a college classroom that covers these questions: 
What if I don't Dream?
Why don't I remember my dreams?
How can I start to remember my dreams?
What do dreams mean?

Procrastination & Finances
An interview with Rita. She discusses how people put off a wide variety of decisions about the money in their lives, and how to stop procrastinating and move past that.

Other People's Books containing Rita’s Work

Successful Nonfiction: Tips and Techniques for Getting Published by Dan Poynter. Santa Barbara, CA: Para Publishing, 2000. pp 18 

I’m Too Blessed to Be Depressed: Stories to Move You from Stressed to Blessed by Joanna Slan. 2000 

Care Packages for the Home: Dozens of Ways to Regenerate Spirit Where You Live by Barbara Glanz Kansas City, MO:Andrews McMeel, 1998 pp 159-160 

Articles Authored by Rita  

“Picture This Idea For Relationship Marketing.” Sharing Ideas (October/September 2000) 

“The Nuns and The National Enquirer.” Sharing Ideas (August/September 2000) 

“Why I Believe in Meeting Clients in Person Any Time I Can.” Professional Speaker (June 1999) 

“Market, Network, Have great FUN – Speak on Cruise Ships” Sharing Ideas (April/May 1999) 

“Creating Family Traditions.” Care Packages for the Home: Dozens of Ways to Regenerate Spirit Where You Live by Barbara Glanz: Kansas City, MO: Andrews McMeel, 1998 

“A Tribute to Og Mandino” Clarion Newsletter 

“While You Take Care of Others, Who Takes Care of You?” Employee Services Management magazine (September 1996) 

“House Suddenly Lonely When Kittens Move Out.” Chicago Sun-Times (August, 1996)

"Could We Survive Winter Without Garden Catalogs?” Chicago Sun-Times (February, 1996)

“The Great Zucchini Battle.”  Chicago Sun-Times (September, 1995) 

Articles about Rita & The Procrastinator's Handbook

“Four Simple Strategies For Overcoming Procrastination.”  Bottom Line Tomorrow (April 2001) 

“Don’t Put Off Chance to Learn From Author.” by Marsha Gilbert.   The Press of Atlantic City (March 21, 2001)  

“Galloway Women’s Club to Hosts Rita Emmett.” by Virginia McCabe. The Current of Absecon, NJ 

“Beat the Procrastination Blues.” Family Life magazine (March 2001) 

“Get a Move On!” by Dana Hudepohl. Marie Clare magazine (March 2001) 

“Tips for Procrastinators” Healthy Bites Medical Newsletter (March 2001) 

Book Review by Roger Herman, Midwest Book Review and Amazon.com (February 2001) 

“Is a Bad Little Habit Holding You Back?” by Colleen Rush. Cosmopolitan (February 2001) 

“Resolutely Yours.” by Marilis Hornridge.  Book Bag (January 4, 2001) 

“Read All About Procrastinator’s Book Right Now … Or Later.” by Paulette Bolyard. Ahwatukee Foothills News (January 3, 2001) 

Book Review. Sharing Ideas magazine (December/January 2001) 

Book Review. Bottom Line Business(December 2000) 

“Humor, Concrete Tips Help Procrastinators” by Richard Pachter. Miami, FL Herald (December 11, 2000) 

Book Review by Mike Maza. New York NY Daily News (December 17, 2000) 

“Recovering Procrastinator Shares Advice in New Book” by Nicole Valentino. Des Plaines IL Times (November 23, 2000)  

Book Review by Julie Seely. IBVM Connections newsletter (Winter 2000) 

Book Review. Publishers Weekly for Booksellers (November 16, 2000) 

“Procrastination: The Art of Delay.” by Nancy Vendrely.  Fort Wayne IN Journal Gazette (November 20, 2000) 

“Local Author Presents Seminar and Book Signing” Des Plaines IL Times (November 9, 2000) 

Book Review. Chicago Life (November 2000) 

“Recovering Procrastintor Does Things Now, Not Later.” by Krista Van Gorp. IL Daily Herald (November 7, 2000) 

“Worth Reading” Today’s Chicago Woman (November 2000) 

“She Won’t Put Up Anymore With Putting Things Off.” by Cassandra West. Chicago IL Tribune (November 15, 2000) 

“Entrepreneur’s Alliance Offering Chance for Procrastinators to Learn Before It’s Too Late.” Fort Wayne, IN News-Sentinal (October 30, 2000) 

Book Review by Jack Covert. Racine, WI Journal Times. (October 26,2000) 

“Don’t Put Off Attempt to Conquer Do-it-later” by Jacqueline Blais. Rockford, IL Register Star. (October 23, 2000)  

Book Review. Paper Clips Bridgewater, NJ (October 2000) 

Book Review. New York Times (October 13, 2000) 

“From Vectors to Vishnu, and from Ludlum’s Prometheus to Emmett’s Procrastinator” by Linton Weeks. Washington Post (October 8, 2000) 

“A Good Read if You Ever Get Around to It” by Jennifer Wolcott. The Christian Science Monitor (October 2000) 

“Inefficient and Happy With It” by Lucy Kellaway. The Financial Times, London, England (October 2000) 

“Rita Emmett Publishes New Book.” The Rosemont Communique (October 2000) 

“Procrastination Made Easy” by Paige Smoron.  Chicago, IL Sun-Times (September 27, 2000) 

“Are You a Procrastinator? Don’t Put Off Reading this Book” by Jacqueline Blais. USA TODAY (September 25, 2000) 

Book Review. Fort Worth, TX Morning Star-Telegram  (September 25, 2000) 

Book Review. Party & Paper Retailer (September 2000) 

“Just Do it! How to Stop Putting Things Off.  The National Enquirer (September 2000) 

“Don’t Read This Now if You Can Put It Off Till Later.”  by Mark Kahner. Seattle Times (September 2000)  

“The Procrastinator’s Guide to Getting Things Done.” Family Circle magazine (September 12, 2000) 

Book Review.  Publishers Weekly (August 21, 2000)


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